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Democratic leaders in congress are demanding equal airtime. Atlanta resident Jonathan Holly says it's tough seeing TSA workers at the airport knowing they're not getting paid right now. Feel sorry for the work with. Got a call out not getting paid. This is horrible situation. The Trump administration says it will find the money to cover tax refunds, even with the partial government shutdown. The acting director of the White House budget office Russell vote says with the government shutdown affecting the Internal Revenue Service rules will be changed to make timely refund payments possible. He says an indefinite appropriation is available. But critics wonder if furloughed workers would be forced to come back. And if the Trump administration has the legal authority to reverse prior shutdown policies taxis in open soon and people who were due money back have been worrying about a delay about three quarters of tax payers, do get a refund. Jackie Quinn, Washington. Tennessee governor Bill has lem grants clemency to a woman serving a life sentence for murder who's says she was a victim of sex trafficking has been ordering now thirty year olds Antonio Brown to be released on August seventh. She will remain on parole for ten years. This is AP. Radio news. Two sisters one fourteen the other twelve or accused of stabbing and shooting their mother killing thirty two year old air hall in the yard of their home in magnolia Mississippi, early Saturday morning police say the fourteen year old is charged as an adult the twelve year old is being held.

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