Chargers vs Steelers: Post-game analysis

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Incident. This is sports center right now, I'm on Tony Collins. There was no shortage of controversy in last night's game. Between the chargers and Steelers all eating to quarterback Philip rivers seventh career comeback in a game in which his team trail by sixteen or more points. Let's take you out to Pittsburgh. We'll take this up for the chargers trailing thirteen to nothing in the I keep your eye on right? Tackle Sam Tevi. Let's take a false start. No plaque and Philip rivers. Throws deep to Travis Benjamin for a forty six yard touchdown. He J watt Live Aid at the no com. So in the fourth charges were rally sixteen down three seconds left. Mike bats Leon's for the game. Winning thirty nine yard field goal attempt offsides on the Steelers. So now that's from thirty four yards out. And the Steelers are off-side once again so now bachelor from twenty nine yards. He gets a done Tomlin was asked about the chargers. First touchdown. Guys. I'm not getting into all of the officiating elements of what transpired at high. It was communicated. I'm just not is fruitless it doesn't change the outcome of the game. We're not gonna put it into the ref sans. We need to play better football. Like I said we didn't play we didn't play well enough on offense. Now, let's get you back. I take Steelers sixteen point lead at home at Philip rivers. Engineers a seventh career comeback win to handle a three point loss to improve to nine in three on the season. Pittsburgh oh in three versus AFC west opponents this season. Max was this one more about the chargers or the Steelers? This is about the chargers, and they beat a good team in Pittsburgh on the road. Pittsburgh in the history of their franchise. It never come had never lost the game. They were leading by that by sixteen points. I mean at home in those circumstances the first time ever one hundred seventy wins. No losses and the chargers did it. This is about the chargers. And I've said for the preseason I believe they're going to make the Super Bowl this year. It tested my faith a couple of weeks ago with the turnover at the end of the game Philip rivers at a certain point you go. Listen, maybe you're not just snake bit. Maybe this franchise does it to themselves. Maybe Philip rivers isn't destined to makes. Of course. I had those thoughts not stick with them. When posted gets back. Let's see what's what he was making plays Derwin James making plays. They have stars on the defense. They obviously had stars on the offense with or without Melvin Gordon and Philip rivers guys. He was going down. It piece by piece at times with guys tackling them in the face of pressure sticking his receivers. He was so big time. He lied manning had his time to Super Bowls. Ben Rothlisberger had his time. You know, even the off sides, of course, the charges miss a field goal. And they're going to lose the game. All that. So chargers, right. Like, that's the way they lose sometimes new organization like that a player like rivers just needs a break to get away. What's up break went their way? And they got the win on the road. These are the two they've looked like the most well balanced teams in the AFC so far this season. And the chargers went and took it to them and beat them on the road. This is the charger season story is about them. Yesterday. Score is not about them about. The Steelers, and it was about still because it still has had a twenty three to seven lead and Lewitt. It's that simple to me the charges. Anthony Lynn is doing a fabulous job. He deserves a lot of credit. I'm very impressed with what I saw him. Do. They remain compose. They stayed with their game plan despite being down sixteen that says a lot about the coach their belief in him, etc. Etc. Mave respect for that. They they did it. And when special teams they did it with their running game. They did it with Philip rivers. They deserve a lot of credit for that. I get that. But my bottom line is this you had a twenty three to seven lead on your home turf. A right in those situations. Careerwise franchise wise you like two hundred zero into and you lose a game to the Los Angeles. Chargers. I'm looking at Big Ben Rothlisberger missing a wide open receiver. Nobody within twenty yards FM. Missed a missed that. Touchdown throw. Threw an interception again as well. I'm pointing to that. I'm looking at it. From that perspective. I'm looking at the defense. I'm looking at the secondary. And I'm saying to myself once again, we find ourselves with the Steelers team that is good. But shows us as a season Wayne that is. Good as they are. There is something missing. That says to you. I should not believe in them when it counts whether it's against New England and Tom Brady who by the way, they'll play again, they'll play in a couple of weeks they've gotten the wall leads and the New England Patriots on their schedule. Two of the last four weeks this season. I'm damn near depressed thinking about it for crying out because once again, just win at six straight. But they lost a game. They needed to win. And they should have wanted to get the Denver Broncos. Now, they find themselves as a team that's just gonna win their division. Go to the postseason. And then we got a hope

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