UNC to host Virginia Tech for basketball match-up


Monday, seven o'clock. It's North Carolina. Virginia Tech Virginia handled. Virginia Tech Virginia Tech right leaving his yes. Yeah. And I'm gonna pick for junior tech. I think ever Ginny attack. This is an interesting game because it's at North Carolina. Correct that yeah. Yeah. I wanna like North Carolina and the reason because I think eventually light bulbs going on. Here's my concern about North Carolina North Carolina have anyone who makes a play for someone else. Now think about that Kobe easier for anyone Koby white still learning the play that position. He's probably Kenny Williams is he make the game easier for anyone. And like the one thing about Virginia Tech is Virginia Tech those guys make plays for each other. Are they paying touches on a bounce? And they get the ball move defense transitional important, obviously have blacks, you get some foul trouble. They're in trouble. Get what I'm going to switch up. I'm gonna go with. Yup. Know. Take on the road at center. When you went everywhere. I mean, that's you have sterling record not exactly, but I wanna Dino. So you're going Virginia Tech on Monday night. We don't I'm gonna go North Carolina at home. That's easy way out. I take that often. People can't call me a hater. If you don't pick someone steam that means you didn't pick the team you pick someone semi didn't pick him. You know, you become. Hey, you're hater no matter who you pick because somebody's going to have a loss. Or if someone say something about a team that you've watched eight thousand hours of film, and it's not what a fan base wants to hear. You know? Hey hater for me. I'm going to say I like both those teams, but I'm going to go the home team, North Carolina. It's the easiest way out possible. Just felt basically you've just built a cushion to land. That's exactly what I

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