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Records on police misconduct from law enforcement agencies all over the bay area. The foundation wants records of officers who have been involved in eight fatal shootings into the state's new right to know act. California's state law has traditionally barred access to internal police records, but since Senate Bill fourteen twenty one went into effect January first the ACLU says it and media outlets have been working to obtain documents related to investigations the serious uses a forest sexual assault and dishonesty the half day. Two dollar a pack tax increase on cigarettes was overwhelmingly passed by voters in thousand sixteen is starting to pay off KCBS is my Colgate says the state has started dispersing proposition fifty-six money, the tax raises more than a billion dollars a year. So there's a lot of money available six cities in Santa Clara county getting more than three hundred thousand dollars to help reduce tobacco use among teens. They use of nicotine. Gene. And vaping products has increased substantially national. Studies have seen this increase quite significantly. And so our concern is that youth are getting dictated to nicotine, they coal cost the tobacco free communities program at the Santa Clara county public health department said the six cities every Quested funding, included, San Jose, Sunnyvale Santa Clara. We were able to fund all of the city's at the level that they had requested. And really this is an opportunity for cities to address the needs of their local residents within their city in regards to tobacco related issues. The money will fund a number of programs including decreasing secondhand smoke exposure as well as restricting the sale of flavored tobacco products in the Silicon Valley bureau. Why Colgan KCBS Napa police have arrested a Napa woman on suspicion of a hit and run of a pedestrian on Tuesday. Twenty year old Alexandra verandas is suspected of hitting a sixty two year old woman on Sasco avenue. Just after six thirty. The victim was not in a crosswalk when she was hit in the southbound lane of traffic suffered head and facial injuries and was taken to Queen of the valley medical center after the collision. Witnesses had a dark colored sedan that was traveling south on Sasco avenue left the scene on Wednesday afternoon and alert citizen reported a suspicious vehicle and police responded and found a newer Honda Civic with damage consistent with a collision. The car was impounded for forensic processing police contacted verandas. They registered owner of the Honda at her home on March. Dr she was arrested in a book in the Napa county jail for hit and run causing injuries. And at last report the pedestrian was still hospitalized coming up on KCBS. I'm Rebecca chorale. The mindful approach menopausal women say is helping them. NFL sports at one forty five with Bruce McGowan one of the hottest teams, the two time defending champion warriors. We'll get back into action Friday night in LA against the clippers warriors won six straight. Now, they play the LA clippers on Friday and DeMarcus cousins will make his debut for Golden State coach Steve Kerr was asked. If he has any concerns about DeMarcus cousins fitting into the warriors system he's been in the league along time. We know his game. Well, we know what he's capable of strengths and weaknesses. So we've got some ideas how we're gonna use them. But there's no substitute for actual game experience. So put them out there. And we'll see how that goes. We will Andre Iguodala says he also thinks the cousins is going to fit in just fine. I've had so many conversations with him on adventures. Sees I'm like, okay. He gets he calls. A Shannon myself, though, guys, all guys. We're gonna take care. We'll make sure he's good people forget, he's no top ten talent. Andre Iguodala dole a nice game. The other night coming off the bench with fifteen points, including a key three point play at the end of the third quarter that put the warriors in the lead on a college hoops and USF continued its strong season the don's although they lost over the past weekend. Gonzaga one of thriller over Pacific fifty three fifty two Charles Millon's free throw with three seconds left gave the dons their margin of victory. Saint mary's. Meanwhile, beat Santa Clara their old rivals who haven't really given them a whole lot of trouble in recent years, seventy five fifty five guard Jordan Ford, eighteen points for the Gaels in a tough night for both the Stanford men's and Cal men's basketball teams, Washington state whack the bears up in Pullman, eighty two fifty nine in Washington won their sixth in a row easily beating Stanford up in Seattle eighty two sixty four New York Yankees have opened up their checkbook, again, what else is new twenty seven million over three years goes to middle reliever out of Iino valuable Thirty-three-year-old who was outstanding with the Colorado Rockies in two thousand eighteen a two point four three ERA a career high. One hundred and twelve strikeouts. In just seventy seven and two thirds innings and a six four record and finally an upset in the women's draw. The Australian Open as defending champion. Caroline Wozniacki was knocked off by Maria Sharapova, third round action sports at fifteen and forty five hundred zero six nine

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