News in Brief 12 December 2018

UN News


This is the news in brief from the United Nations in a resolution endorsing a plan to address the Iran nuclear deal. The Security Council heard the latest report on its implementation, which asked the Iranian government to carefully. Consider the concerns of Member States regarding its activities represented by under secretary general for political affairs. Rosemary dicarlo mister Gutierrez welcomed the reaffirmation by the sinu- Tories to the joint comprehensive plan of action J C P O, a as it's formerly known which he said demonstrates successful multi-lateralism in a major achievement of nuclear non-proliferation dialogue and diplomacy though. He regretted that the United States has reimposed sanctions on the country after withdrawing from the plan in may the plan is intended to eliminate Iran's use and stockpiling of nuclear materials and as highlighted by mister Gutierrez should also deliver tangible economic benefits to the Iranian people. Misty Carlos said Iran has carried out ballistic missile tests since John. This year and reportedly carried out missile launches in Syria in October. The UN secretary are has investigated but has been unable to determine whether the missiles were transferred after a council. Resolution endorsing the deal came into effect for the first time ever the world is recognizing and international day to raise awareness of the need to have strong and resilient health systems for all regardless of where you live the UN proclaimed, December twelve as international universal health coverage day you h c day exactly a year ago in a call for advocates to stand up for the millions of people still in need of health coverage. And in a move to ensure the world sees universal healthcare by the twenty thirty sustainable development goals deadline. This came five years after the UN general assembly endorsed, a resolution urging countries to accelerate their progress toward universal coverage driving home the idea that everyone everywhere should have access to quality Affordable Care secretary. General. Antonio Gutierrez said. Good health is crucial to achieving the twenty thirty agenda and called it a fundamental human right tragically. This is not the case for half the world's population. He lamented in his statement for the day and said each year one hundred million people are driven into poverty because care costs far more than they can afford on a positive note. He noted many countries have set an example through their health service systems and through their universal coverage have demonstrated the link between investing in health and economic growth and the reduction of poverty and while reaching an international agreement on climate action at the crucial cop twenty four climate conferences complex, the UN. Chief has warned the one hundred ninety seven participating nations that a failure to do. So would not only be immoral. It would be suicidal in a return visit to the conference on Wednesday. Thousands of climate action decision makers advocates and activists have taken part in cut the V chip Poland with the objective of moving the two thousand fifteen. In Paris agreement forward where countries pledged to limit global warming to less than two degrees celsius key, political issues remain unresolved mister guitar said, but we are running out of time in my opening statement to this conference one week ago. I warned that climate change is running faster than we are in that cat Davicce must in no uncertain terms. Be a success as a necessary platform to reverse this trend. The UN chief cited in alarming scientific report on global warming issued in October by the intergovernmental panel on climate change the IPC C, which indicates that if global temperatures of two degrees celsius or more is maintained. It would be a disaster for the planet. He stressed that each nation faces its own challenges, but called on delegates and ministers to overcome their national preferences and work together to finish the job Natalie Hutchison, U N news.

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