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Sojourn? Yeah. Recorded with paradigm productions a couple times. Oh, wonderful. She still perform. Yeah. She does. She does not as frequently as much. Oh, I shoulda shoulda brought her with you. Oh, my goodness out next time next time momma's gotta be here. I'm in. So and so she was your inspiration into getting into music. Yeah. Her and my cousin shawnee, actually, Sean dot marks is my cousin. Oh, my. Oh. Yeah. You have a family music and her brother, you know. I just recently saw him perform last year. Joe? He's awesome. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Full of full family of music there so irate. No doubt that you had to come out the way you did. Now, how did you? How did you start with the learning piano or guitar? I started piano rise about five classical training. And then when I got to be about twelve I wanted to turn a little bit more contemporary. So I started taking lessons shawny. And then I took us is about fifteen and I was Sean. Okay. Yeah. And then I started guitar renounce thirteen and I took lessons for about two weeks. And then I just self taught 'cause I got bored. Fill us in. Oh. Wow. That's pretty interesting. That's wonderful. And so when did you get into songwriting because you you have a new album your first album, and there are five songs on their two of which are covers yet. We're going to hear some of that today. But when did you get into song writing writing your own songs? Yeah. I wrote. My first song is ten actually recorded that song. Me I recorded that song on my mom's album. She came out with when I was twelve. Oh, guys. Mom listening. Now. I probably I think so they probably just got a church, but she's probably on your. Yeah. No, that's my son and my show. I try to encourage people to listen and NASA one thing missing on I'm in Charleston. I'm just getting out of church, but there is an audio archives. You'll have to share with them, and they can listen to it later on and for days after that. I man that's such a beautiful beautiful history of music for you. And what's inspired? You are there any musicians other than your mom and shawny that have inspired you to come into your musicianship. Yeah. There's a lot especially like Madison music artists Jenner Jonas has been amazing. We talk about her on the show all the time. She's the backbone of music for sure she sure been an incredible encouragement, she's actually on my EP on every song, really wishy playing bass dry every bass, drums and guitar. Yeah. She's asked what she does. Yes. She gigs with me all the time. She's encouraged me a lot. She's been huge. Okay. Okay. Do you want to put should I play one of your size as you want to go live right now with it? I love all your. So you have a strong voice. I watched some of the videos on your. Facebook music page, which is less share. That is race g music. Yes. Gracia music on Facebook. Any other medias people can keep up on your happenings. Nowhere playing really I post all my events on my Facebook page, so grace g music. Facebook check it out. So I am playing some music in the background. And that's you. I can just hear your voice in my headphones. Right now, I'm excited and listeners if you're just tuning in this is her infinite variety, I'm your host Cooper Talbot. And we celebrate women in music, but especially the music made right here in our wonderful, wonderful state and city Portage to Madison, you know. It's all good wonderful music, and we're talking with grace gladden who has a new album, and you're you're you're fairly young musician. How old are you? If you don't mind me, I'm seventy seven. You've done so much and you've come so far. I'm I'm I'm honored that you're here. So how you play a song live. Yeah. Let's talk about this long. So this is an original that you're going to sing. And it is on this your new EP and is itself. Entitle is name CD grace. Yup. And we'll get you walking through some Portage dirt road. I like it who do the for who did the photography, my friend, Brandon Turner. And he's fantastic good. You gave him on the cover. That's wonderful. Oh, I love it yet looking at guitar bass percussion, Jenny Jones. Big lavish shoutout to genitals Ambit Kelly. For her. I mean incredible support of young people in music now did you come up through girls rock camp? Yeah. Yes. You did. And are you teaching? Extractor you have to wait another. So technically, I could so go this year. But I'll probably be out doing something crazy or some other music Steph sodden, I'll make it to camp. But okay, definitely want to make sure. Yeah. You should you. Absolutely. Should with what you have to bring. It's it's really relevant to the young ladies that we serve at girls rock camp for sure. But the showcases. Yeah, nothing else. I come and check him watching the rock out. So you're gonna sing an original beautiful soul is adding more. Oh, something more. Okay. Something more you're gonna perform something more which is on your new EP entitled grace.

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