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Italy has been ordered to pay. Amanda Knox financial damages by the European Court of human rights. The cool. It said police failed to provide legal assistance and an independent in temperature during a long night of questioning fulling, the November two thousand and seven murder of Knox's British roommate, but the cooled said there was insufficient evidence to support claims of psychological and physical mistreatment. The court said Italy must pay knocks eighteen thousand four hundred euros in damages costs and expenses after more than seven years of legal battles and flip flop decisions. Nokes was definitively acquitted of Meredith coaches murder by Italy's highest court in March twenty fifteen works of art allegedly painted by a young Adolf Hitler are being examined by experts to determine if they're fakes Berlin police say three watercolour landscape paintings receives from an auction house in the German capital after receiving a complaint questioning their authenticity. The paintings dated nineteen. Ten and nineteen eleven are signed a Hitler. And we're due to be auctioned off on Thursday. But they're now being examined by forensic specialists in art historians as a young man Germany's future Nazi dictator's thought to painted some two thousand pictures as he struggled to succeed as an artist in Vienna before World War One a Hitler watercolor of Unix old city hall sold in two thousand fourteen for one hundred thirty thousand euros. The shutdown and federal workers. I'm Tim Maguire within AP newsman that President Trump agrees to a short term continuing resolution to end the partial government shutdown. Congressional negotiators have three weeks to work out a deal. House speaker Nancy Pelosi, please that we reach an agreement to reopen government now. So that we can have a discussion on how to secure our borders. Trump says any agreement has to include funding for his border wall having barriers fencing or walls, or whatever you wanna call. It will be an important part of the solution. EPA lawyer kaylene Castelli says the shutdown was painful, definitely welcome getting

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