Mike Pompeo, Nancy Pelosi And Senate discussed on Michael Brown


The Senate passes to resolutions that would reopen the government until February fifteenth boxes joy, Piazza has more live the houses taking up those bills this hour wants to reopen. The government the other is to pave the way for lawmakers to negotiate funding border security Democrats have been opposed to abort her wall. But house speaker Nancy Pelosi says she thinks both sides can find common ground. I'm optimistic. I see every challenge your every crisis as an opportunity an opportunity to do the right thing for the American people hundreds of thousands of federal workers who were affected by the partial government shutdown are expected to get back pay. Lisa joy by President Trump saying the measure must include funding for the border wall. Can't do that. Then we'll do obviously we're gonna do the emergency. Because that's what it is to national emergency has for the state of the union address, which was supposed to take place on Tuesday. Fox's told by a source. It's not physically possible to hold the address on Tuesday the date now being considered is the following Tuesday, February fifth former diplomat Elliot Abrams will lead US efforts on Venezuela. That announcement from secretary of state, Mike Pompeo. It's passion for the rights and liberties of all peoples makes him a perfect fit and a valuable and timely. Addition

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