Kendall Coyne Schofield first woman to compete in All-Stars skills competition


For northern California hockey fans at the tank that's the shark tank where the sharks play they had the skills competition tonight. Edmonton star Connor mcdavid won the fastest skater competition beat out six other all stars as well as US women's hockey star kindle Coyne. She impressed everyone as she scooted around the ice. Among the other winners were Calgary's Johnny Godhra who was the best in the puck control contest of the Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist Lundqvist won the best goalie competition Edmonton's Leandra Seidel won the premier passing event in L. A defenseman drew doughty. Meanwhile, was asked what impresses most about some of these younger players who are taking part in the all star competition. Some of these guys moves in the in the shootout, and they're all the young guys to the guys for one or two years. Some of the stuff they can do in those shootouts. They're amazing and obviously the puck candling drill. I thought was pretty cool to the how quick they can give up on their stick. I can't do that. Drew doughty of the LA kings, not a favorite among sharks fans, but he takes all the rich. Bidding and all the the jeers good naturedly. And of course, the face off tomorrow night's games at five o'clock our time for the NHL all-star warriors back on the court also tomorrow at the same time, five o'clock, west coast time, eight o'clock east coast time, they'll be looking for a tenth straight win. It's going to

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