Aaron Ramsey, Rinaldo And Portuguese Federation discussed on GSMC Soccer Podcast


For Aaron Ramsey's being linked with a lot of clubs right now. Because he's free of the hottest commodity. All you have to do is pay his contract and get them to you don't have to agree with the team you can ago sheet directly with the player, which is nice, right? And that's probably that's because the thing is the transfer. And it was like talking with the team you pay so much just even talk to the guy just when you like Christian pulisic just bought for seventy three million and Aaron Ramsey could probably get sold if he wasn't a free transfer for like thirty to forty million dollars. And he's and then you don't even guarantees gonna be on your team gallery salary and everything. Well, I mean, you you only pay them money when you sign the player, you don't it's not like, right? You don't. Hey, the player and then. You can do all these you can do all these talks with the team not even be able to exactly with Ramsey. You get to negotiate directly. So. Transfers season man transfer season is crazy. Speaking of Rinaldo, though, going back to him. He has told the Portuguese federation that he will rejoin the national team because he told everybody that he was taking two thousand eighteen off the rest of the year. And some people were sped mental. They were freaking out just saying like, oh he's done with national team. But he said, no, I'm not playing for the rest of this calendar year, but I'll be back in two thousand nineteen and he just informed. The federation I'm ready to come back at your selection that your disposal. So if you want me to play call me up, I'm there.

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