A Wrestling Fan's Guide To Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury

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And I'll admit I've been critical of his boxing ability at times, but that man has always got a chance with the best in the world because he has got this free. Freak of nature power. That is just I mean, it is like watching Vince Carter dunk. It's like watching Barry Bonds hit a woman. I shouldn't use very it's like watching a Ken Griffey hit home runs out. That was when I could come up with you know, it's like watching Michael Jordan play like LeBron play Koby play like the it is a leak a leak. I'm talking about in the world. There is no one else that could do what he does or earliest very very few a meantime, what he say point zero one percent of the world probably lesson that in. So I'm glad that got cleared up because while size can definitely add power with some people when you have that God given ability to knock a man clean out. His but knock is so out his body. It don't really matter. If you're if you're five even ten pounds less it, it's you know, you got that power, man. Yeah. Man. Look interesting to see that back in the ring. That's what we're all excited for this woman a little bit over don't forget to participate on our axe ceres accessories, basically is acts whatever fighter today will be seeing Eddie Hearn and Tevin pharma, and we're we're heading on this road. It's snowing out here in the east coast, Ron is on the train over to my neck of the woods. We're going to jump on the road and be out. And get you guys. The best interviews possible that we can get don't forget the hit that helps with the visibility of the show helps us grow. And let's snow your pre she ate the hard work that Monday through Friday morning show. Don't forget the tune in on our flagship show Thursday at seven pm Sunday at seven pm.

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