Los Angeles teachers to resume classes Wednesday after vote on contract deal


Of Hyundai and Kia cars and SUV's with four cylinder engines have at least double the non crash fire claim rates the institute began looking into the issue after a consumer group noticed a higher than normal number of complaints. The automakers announced last week that they will recall about one hundred sixty eight thousand vehicles to fix a fuel pipe problem that can cause engine fires recall follows previous engine failure recalls trial, Snyder NPR news, Washington, the Catholic arch. Diocese of Hartford. Connecticut has released the names of forty eight priests. It says have been credibly accused of molesting minors. Connecticut. Public radio's Jeff Cohen reports that the personnel files date back to the nineteen fifties. The archdiocese says it has settled one hundred and forty two claims from victims of sexual abuse and paid out more than fifty million dollars as a result. Most of the claims concern incidents that happened before nineteen ninety Gail Howard, a survivor of priest sexual abuse and co leader of snap. The survivors network in Connecticut had limited praised for the move. It is a positive step. But it is also too little too late. The Catholic church has not lived up to its promises to have zero tolerance policy and to be as transparent as possible Hartford joins more than thirty diocese across the country that have decided to release the names of abusers for NPR news. I'm Jeff Cohen. You're listening to NPR news. Former New York Yankees relief pitcher Mariano Rivera has been elected to the baseball hall of fame Rivera heads a class of four new players added to the hall, but he's the first ever to be elected unanimously by baseball writers details from NPR's, Tom Goldman. Joining Rivera are two starting pitchers. The late ROY holiday played for Toronto. And Philadelphia might use seen played for Baltimore in the Yankees. The fourth player elected is designated hitter. Edgar Martinez he spent his entire eighteen year career with the Seattle. Mariners Rivera with his trademark cut fastball. His calm, demeanor and smooth delivery became the best closer in history. He had more saves than anyone. And now he's the first to get into the hall with a vote from every eligible baseball writer notable among those who didn't get in. We're Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds, the two most prominent players linked to ban drugs got a few more votes than last year. But we're still well short of the seventy five percent of votes needed for election tongue. Goldman NPR news. News press secretary, Sarah Sanders, says the White House as reached out to the Kentucky high school students embroiled in an encounter with the native American activists and a black religious sect in the nation's capital last weekend. Sanders has President Trump plans to invite the students to the White House? The president tweeted earlier that the teenagers have become symbols of fake news. Meanwhile, Twitter has suspended an account that helps spread a video of the incident citing a violation of its policy against the creation of fake and misleading accounts. On Asia market. Shares are mostly lower after it down day on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrials lost three hundred one points.

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