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You depend on the twisted WSB traffic team to warn you without major problems on Newark communion wave of hands-free warnings with a WSB. Triple team traffic alerts at automatic audio alerts for your route three for iphone and Android and powered by bright boxy, electrical on shockingly, good electricians. WBZ news time is ten thirty six live team coverage of traffic and weather Virago Morales in the WSB twenty four hour traffic center. And I finally bring some good news on the west expressway. The injury wreck twenty eastbound just MLK junior drive exit. Fifty three finally off to the right? Still fighting delays though before back to Fulton industrial boulevard. Elsewhere construction on the connector is seventy five southbound is on the exit ramp to link for Parkway, that's 166. It takes out a left lane expect delays there. More more roadwork is in Clayton county on the outer loop twenty five eastbound ramping onto seventy five southbound it to when I left lane causing delays as you leave Riverdale road. Elsewhere over on eighty five southbound wrecks or stalls by earlier problems still has you on and off the brakes from three sixteen down to Jimmy Carter boulevard and four hundred southbound it's still sluggish just before Northridge down to two eighty five and two thousand five westbound the outer loop watching delays from Peachtree industrial boulevard over to Georgia four hundred I'm Veronica Hurrell WSB. I'm.

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