With votes scheduled, Washington searches for way out of shutdown


The support saying that the president should be supporting the the new president there and putting pressure on the current president. Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro to end this uprising, Mary they said that socialism in Venezuela's less than without food gas in medicine millions of people left the country. I guess some of them are showing up in Florida. And this is a real problem in in certain. The the senators in in Florida are supporting overturning this and putting pressure on Venezuela to change their ways at least here in central Florida. We do have a fairly large and growing Venezuelan population. That are certainly paying a lot of attention to that story. All right. Andy Field on Capitol Hill tonight. Andy, thank you as always six fourteen at news ninety six point five WDBO. We'll get to the roads in a moment. First Tom Terry has the full five day forecast. Brought to you by southeast steel appliance warehouse only we have a lot of changes

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