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Your weather forecast tonight, mostly cloudy, low twenty four Tuesday, mostly sunny with a high near thirty eight Tuesday night, mostly clear low around twenty seven right now. Thirty four degrees. I'm Kevin Sanderson on the patriot FM one zero one point five and AM fourteen hundred I'm here with Bob Bolya, president of the Detroit campus. Of Online Trading Academy and Bobby ever seen a market like this before has never been one this longer this straight up. We're really wondering what's going to happen next gen well, you know, what's going to happen at some point. Don't you know, what's gonna happen to the market while we don't know what's going to happen to the people that are in the market. Most people are doing what they did in two thousand and two thousand eight and most people lost money in two thousand and two thousand eight there in buying holding diversifying dollar cost averaging and listening to financial planners stockbrokers. Well, why in the world did they do that? We'll because of benefits the industry more than it benefits. The individual the second most profitable industry in the United States is wealth management. There are only outpaced by the tobacco industry. So the strategies that are applying by Wall Street have been great for Wall Street, but not great for the individual..

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