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Heavy clear read on where the American people are going on this. And and that's why I come back to I think the reality that the American people by by significant majority. They may disagree about the elements of it. But the American people say, yeah. Border security good idea. But how do you know that pulse and common sense? But I think almost every poll out there that talks about border security more generally has as large swath of American people favoring it, and it just makes common sense as well. So what I think is going to happen. Is I think the Democrats are going to see that this ongoing focus on border security is bad for them. And then at that point, they're going to do a deal one could hope. Yeah. We well. We know it's gonna end at some point. Right. I mean, it may be six months, but it's gonna end at some point. We had to take a bet. Thank you know, ten days twenty days, thirty days should absolutely. We should. Let's talk about that after the break as well. And thanks to rain shoeing back there. We have some red hot sound to take us through the rest of the show. We're going to cover a lot of different territory and talk about this big issue. You're probably facing over the holidays airplanes. Is it bad form to close the blinds? Should they be kept open people are actually getting in arguments about this with

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