The Relationship Between Esports and Health Concerns

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Of guys that you call your best friends going out on the field and playing a sport that is that dangerous because there's a risk always a risk. So there's a special bond. That's unlike anything else that I've ever done in my life. Hammond. Countrymen played football at the university of Pennsylvania. He's now working as a business strategy consultant. Now, let's take a look at something that you might not even consider sport competitive video games or e sports people do this professionally tournament sell out giant stadiums and players can win lots of money. Today. We. New York City. That's from the first overwatch league championship overwatch is a shooting game. So eastwards is not people playing sports video games like tennis or football. They are playing fighting or strategy games. Competitively and players are super serious about this. Whether they are professional gamers or not some spend as much as eight hours a day practicing playing working on tech skill which is specific elements of game play if it's a team based game they'll review video the same way that a footballer basketball team would physical therapists, Caitlyn mcgee's the fallout from all this gaming, wrist, injuries, pain, inflammation. Caitlyn specializes in treating Eastport s- athletes. She says for starters, many gamers don't prioritize ergonomics somebody's sitting not back in their chair but leaned forward supporting themselves on their forearms back. Kind of rounded. There. Head tilted up in order to be able to see the screen since they're slumped so far forward, and then gripping the controller very very tightly. So that all of the muscles are constantly on. June on is a business student. Not an e sports pro, but he's still puts in hours and hours of play every day, and he had a bad setup. I used to play on my bed while lying down. Like, I put my laptop my stomach. I played. That's also reason why I'm wearing very bad eyesight. A doctor told June. He was developing back problems, and he started to pay more attention to his posture while gaming, so how you play is one thing. But then there's also the wear and tear that comes with doing anything a lot. Here's physical, therapists. Caitlyn McGee again, the vast majority of injuries. We see our repetitive stress injuries or overuse, injuries things like stress across attendants tended up the where things don't glide smoothly as they're supposed to or things. Become over-tired were weakened pastoral related injuries. If you have a weakness of your core muscles, for example, you might overcompensate using other smaller muscle groups that aren't designed to bear that much strain which will cause back or neck pain. And you also probably not getting a ton of physical exercise. There is that stereotype of the gamer sitting, you know, in their mom's basement una couch eating does and mountain dew which the good. Ms is that stereotype is getting more and more dated not only are individual players getting invested in their health teams are making it a priority because the health and longevity of their players is exceptionally important and healthy lifestyle exercise nutrition. Sleep habits are a really big part of that.

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