Emphysema, Wagner And Dr Mazen discussed on Dr. Daliah


Very rare curse the UPN acquire food allergy from an donor organ. That's according to Dr Mazen audit, a fellow in pulmonary and critical care medicine at UCSD. There have been only four or five cases in which organ recipients have acquire peanut allergies with full access following a lung transplant. So the woman in this case needed a single on to trigger emphysema. So emphysema's kind of like, you know, when you blow up a balloon so much you let the air out of the balloon up and let the air out where the blue just sitting there kind of Wagner. He was some Irinej, and it doesn't really have that compression to push the air out. That's like an emphasis along. And so you aren't getting a lot of air in and you're not getting to older out. So you're not getting good gas exchange, which you need you need to oxygen your blood. So you're not getting good gas exchange. And so he needed a lung transplant. So she received a new left

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