How Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Really Feel About Their Custody Agreement


Be uncomfortable for everybody at this point. I know. Well, I kind of was looking at what people were saying about it. And what it did fifty fifty people think half of the people think Brandon is team has been lying and sugar codeine, and then other people that that she was to public in the beginning. And then the courts filled them to stop and. I just think no. I want it all to go away. And I wished the kids the best. Yep. Some people than the other thing is Angelinos about protecting his kids. The kids Brad was more about protecting his images image. Because why did he have to do so much smearing of the mother of his children not coming from him sources close show that OPR kale thing? Yeah. If you're just joining us Laurean ironclad hosting ask. No, thank goodness. Wait. Let me read the story. Breaking news. Kevin is doing it. L A and Julia they came to us. Eleven hours too late. We posted Ellen Degeneres. She's apparently done a comedy special for Netflix called. I know she she got the money, but I long time longtime her since two thousand and three so we keep in your wake there recession. You'll get you weren't case put somebody heard the intake. Now. Thanks for bringing it up. Yeah. No. I heard it. I just thought everyone else stick is. It was just a you're waking up we heard oxygen. Yes. They're very moment. Look at that. And if you want to know what the most tweeted about TV shows were SNL Roseanne, Grey's anatomy, the Walking Dead big brother, and the voice also the parolee calendar. Great photos posted that. Oh, yeah. I'm glad you didn't poke post the coffin. The naked nano. Parolee they're wary who's any famous young. How did I think is the I get paid a lot of money to pose with a tire? Yeah. Well, why don't you do campaign for that? Because that's not something that's going to happen. The other thing was going to happen either. But you know, all right, listen, we come back. We gotta Holly in the dirt alert mytalk one zero

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