76ers make big moves as the trade deadline nears


Seventy Sixers quite busy is the NBA trade deadline approaches. I they make the big trade at the LA clippers. They became official this afternoon. Fixers acquire four Tobias Harris. Big man, VO bond Mariano bitch and forward. Mike. Scott Sixers give up Landry Shamet, Mike Moscow Wilson Chandler to future first round picks and two future. Second round picks. Now Harris is the key to this the L. He's just twenty six and he's averaging just under twenty one points. A game this season hitting forty three percent of his threes. Now. The Sixers have made a smaller deal today with Toronto Sixers acquire a young shooting guard named Malachi Richardson. He's actually a Trenton native Sixers also pick up a twenty twenty two second round pick and the draft rights to Amir proud Zik in exchange for cash. Consideration. So Elton brand quite busy as the Sixers

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