Samsung, Verizon are jumping into 5G together with next smartphone (The 3:59, Ep. 497)

The 3:59


Welcome to the you tonight. I'm Roger Chan I'm Joanie Sossamon five G is right around the corner. The Qualcomm may give us the first look at what will really be like the is holding its Snapdragon tech summit in Maui of all places tomorrow. We're expecting to see live five demonstrations and devices that will actually be capable of running on them ahead of that variety. And Samsung announced today, they are they're planning to launch a five smartphone in first half of next year. So what do we actually know all these things nothing as as the become a common thing with these five G device ounce, mints, they basically say we're going to have a five G thing. We can't tell you what it's called how much 'cause race back. Czar Bill be it will be available in the first half of next year. So the kind of interesting thing about it is that no really no really five G is coming. Yes, exactly. They like we've been talking about this as a thing that might be happening. For three three years four years. This point that it's actually going to happen in the next few months is I guess exciting enough exciting for people like Roger extremely exciting for people. I Roger because not writing about this for a long time. I'm really eager to see this in the field. It bitch saying our own shar tip can and Jessica dole court will be out at these. Dragon Tech's summit, they'll be checking out this stuff. So we'll get for suppressions from them this week. All right. So let's VR Joan you went to Los Angeles to check out this crazy experience based on a Charles Dickens, Christmas, Carol, right? What what was that? Like, it was really cool. So it's a new wave in virtually trying to get people to make virtuality that people actually want to go see where you combine a headset with site specific performance that includes a live actor that moves around you emotion capture suit. So you don't see the light actor you see them in the headset as avatars different characters. But they can talk to you with their own voice. They can touch you. You can touch them you actually interact with a real human. And so yeah, this one was based on a Christmas. Carol is definitely a lot scarier than like Mickey Christmas. Carol the DVD, and I were talking about earlier, it takes a very like true to the dickens, creepy fashion. And I got to go behind the scenes and check out the motion capture technology, which was fun watching this video. It's basically it's a one on one experience you an actor. And that's it right? Yeah. That's about twenty minutes. There's an actor that you see that's in Victorian costume, as you kind of like put on the she's the one that helps you put on the headset in a way that gets you sort of like in the mindset of you're going to be going, and they do a lot of really like the technology is really cool. But I also do a lot of simple things like they have have walls that appear. So where you there was a while before in your headset. There can disappear physically to an addition to being in your headset. And this is deathly sort of a next level. Or step up from those basic VR experiences. We've all tried and progress, and the funny thing is even as advanced as this is compared to what's come before. It's still at like that they're hacking it together stage, the technologies combining all these different elements. -nology still is at a point where there's a lot farther. It can go as technology gets better. I wo- was alike wearing those motion capture suits fun. Like, it's it's really comfortable wearing a body suit. So it's you know, it's like doesn't cramp or anything like that. But it's it's you look funny like you have gone little balls balls all over you. And it was and it's just really they say every time so motion capture the first thing they do is wave wave Cartwheel's because I can actually still do cartwheels like you're not like plugged in or tied. And it's also that the room is surrounded by cameras day. Have the the balls are the little markers and pick up the markers visually. Oh nice. Did you see yourself in VR afterward? Yeah. Well, they weren't. They didn't have. Chance to do a full there to laments of the motion capture those the body motion capture and then the facial stuff facial stuff takes a long time. Build a profile for yourself. So I just did the body. So I got to see a little avatar myself looks like a little like doll like a little coach doing cartwheels. Nice for full coverage Chickasaw seen it and Roger Chan Joni salsa. Thanks for listening.

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