SpaceX Small Satellite Launch Delayed Again for Additional Inspections


About ours city councilman Paul Koretz telling Kaynak's he believes Lewis was in his words reasonably good general manager and even integrated the zoo with nighttime events, which improve the view of the facility within the city. And I think that's probably one of the successes that I think occurred during his time. However, he cannot agree with keeping Billy the elephant in a relatively small space with experts outside the zoo feel the animal suffering and should be moved to a sanctuary elephants. Walk up to fifty miles a day in the wild sipping cooped up in a small space, essentially by himself for the healthy thing for Chris is hopeful new director will make that move and is looking forward to a national search Bob real Canucks extend seventy radio reached out to the zoo. Ann Lewis, but was told he's on vacation and can be reached for comment. Alex. The waiver is due to be sworn in LA county's new sheriff on Mondays planning some big changes. When it comes to department's approach to the issue of illegal immigration, Alex. Vienna. Waiver says he plans to kick US customs and immigration enforcement agents out of the county's jail system. We're going to honor if p fifty four to the letter of the law as a dark horse candidate experts say Vienna waiver used the county's political mood to his advantage claiming he would be the first democratic chair from the county in one hundred and thirty eight years he painted sheriff McDonald's being too closely tied to the Trump administration did that actually to himself because he fought tooth and nail against Espy fifty four east sided with Jeff Sessions when he announced the lawsuit against the state of California because of the sanctuary state law where he should have been standing shoulder to shoulder with the governor to defend our state laws. The new sheriff says he will be bringing a lot of new blood to the department as well as bringing back some retired deputies to add some much needed experience. Chris Edens, KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. It's two forty three. And there's a crash cereno says on the ninety one eastbound at pioneer will have look at that and other traffic headaches.

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