Just When You Thought Virginia Politics Could Not Get Worse


Throughout northern pregnant office that nearly that of the calls from its own party. They reside at a racist photo nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. Meanwhile, the conservative website that I published the racist photo. Says it was tipped to the photo. Patrick howley. The editor in chief of big league. Politics says a tip led to the discovery of the racist photo in Virginia. Governor Ralph Northerns medical school yearbook. Holly says a citizen who was upset by Northern's. Recent comments on abortion legislation tipped off the conservative news site Friday night northern admitted he was in the photo depicting a man in black face and another in a Ku Klux Klan, hood and robe and apologized without saying which costume he was wearing. But on Saturday northern denied. He was in the photo the concerned citizen was upset by Northern's comments of support for a Bill. Loosening restrictions on late term

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