California man discovers his beer belly was actually a 77-pound tumor


That's the third sister. Over the summer. Hernandez finally said goodbye to his beer belly. Thanks to university of southern California who surgically remove the tumor and whatever's friends say the ones who picked on him for a beer belly. I don't know. What did they tell them? I thought you were you were you had some great insight as to what the what the friends were telling him after he lost the gut now. I have no inside by the way, if he's three hundred pounds. Yeah. Okay. Let me do the math here. Okay. So he was three hundred pounds seventy three pound tumor seventy seven pounds seven. Okay. He was still fat. How what was he what was his BMI come on a minute? You have the story in front of you. I only have the blitz. You think I'm going to help you with this unless he's like six seven he was still fat. Okay. Here. It is. Six six five and a half. I'm making this up as I can't find it either. So look this up Louis, I'm curious because unless he played for the Lakers, you know, I have I know where you're going with that. I have all the papers Lewis who is a great producer gratuitously. He really is a great

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