Stocks Mixed as G20 Summit Kicks-Off in Argentina


As you mentioned oil sink yesterday. But I think since the last European clothes has kind of been fluctuating, which may be why oil stocks are up a little bit this morning, but oil is ready on track for its worst month in a decade. And I mean like with all other major topics everyone will be watching the g twenty meeting coming up because everyone's basically wondering what Saudi Arabia is going to do. I mean is it gonna anger President Trump and try to cut production or or might kind of prioritize can of keeping oil prices higher. Absolutely. Vladimir Putin holding talks with Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Crown prince that will be closely. What some folks are saying. That is the real OPEC meeting. Let's also talk a little bit about Deutsche Bank. We've seen a lot of news floor regarding this stock, of course in the past twenty four hours rain and today it's actually down again zero point five percent after ready a pretty sharp drop yesterday. But of course, people are still kind of looking at the ramifications of this money laundering probe that we read about yesterday. And you know, my colleague has been writing about concerns over bonuses whether Deutsche Bank will be able to retain its talent. And also the fact that I mean deutchebanks new CEO is really in this very familiar negative feedback loop again between bad news rising funding costs and dropping revenue. So it doesn't seem like there's a there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Just yet.

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