Cowboys vs Saints: Previewing the Saints defense


Gregg love and we have a good Thursday night matchup to break down. And that's absolutely the case tonight. Let's start saints Cowboys. What do you think about these teams? Obviously you watched them last week on thanksgiving. What's interesting to you about these teams in this match him? Well, I think what's interesting to me is is sort of a macro view of this game. Roth because now we're in an era in which people believed that the only way you can win in the league. And I guess what a Super Bowl is what a high powered offense that puts up a lot of points that the aerobically has the ability to put up forty any given week with the saints. We know can do that to Cowboys would not fit into that category. They're built old school. It's a run game coun- Dacian with a high level foundation back. It's an execution run game without much misdirection. And deception as we see with a lot of teams in the league. And it's a pretty basic pass game that by NFL standard. Would probably be considered somewhat remedial elementary. So to me, this sort of interesting point and not at this one game will decide one way or the other. But it's sort of interesting to me to think about it in a larger world view as to whether the Cowboys are theoretically built structurally to win a Super Bowl that kind of team. What do you think? I think they would their defense would have to be really really good. I think because I don't believe that offensively. They would be able to generate enough points. Now that again, if you defense is really really good, and you can win games twenty three twenty maybe twenty seven Twenty-three, then guess, but they're not built to get into a shootout. If that's what you believe is required to win meaningful playoff games and Super Bowls right now. I can't wait for the matchup. I I love watching the Cowboys defense right now. And I'm with you, Greg. The Cowboys might not be created. But it feels like what they're doing right now. It's kind of working. Well, yeah. I mean, people when singing mind they're also six and five we're not talking about a team. That's you know, nine and two. So they're they clearly have a distinct profile we talked about it. And that's the way they have to play. I mean, look it always helps your past game when you can throw six yard passes or fifteen yard passes that become long gains every team loves that. Because those are not high risk throws. Although I will say that I thought that the ninety are touchdown to Cooper was Prescott. Who was clearly Prescott. Best throw of the game versus the Redskins and one of his best of the season. Because I thought that he did such a good job with progression reading and then making a tight window throw. So I thought that was actually one of his best throws of the season. And how about Greg drew Brees throwing touchdown passes to four undrafted free agents that a lot of people have never even heard of. Yeah. That that's true. You know, breezes just a joy to watch for someone like myself because now again, we reached an era to where people talk about quarterbacks that have to be able to run around. And and I'm not going to sit here and tell you that that's not a good trait to have that time, but to watch a quarterback play at the level that he plays from the pocket with his understanding of what he's seeing before the snap. The ability to move and manipulate defenses after the snap and the accuracy with with Keith rose throw after throw is remarkable. But I think another thing that is kinda lost with the saints because

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