Paul Johnson retiring after 11 seasons as Georgia Tech football coach


Volunteers three forty seven to go in the second half. Auburn ranked number eight in the country has twenty four seven lead on Saint Peter's, midway through the first half and another SEC team number ten Kentucky coming up on Carolina's schedule here in less than a month Kentucky in Monmouth tip at eight thirty from Rupp arena. And that'll do it for your full and complete look at the North Carolina farm bureau scoreboard, helping you is what they do best. Again. It's the first time that Carolina has ever traveled to Michigan. But far from the first time these two teams have gotten together, and certainly no game would be any more memorable than the national championship. Game of nineteen Ninety-three were Carolina and our good, buddy. Eric Montross walked out of New Orleans as the national champions in that matchup, of course last year. Carolina one eighty six seventy one and Michigan ultimately will make a run to the national title game. Fall into Villanova and get Michigan playing Villanova earlier this year. If there's one thing that jumps out and tells you Michigan complaint was the seventy three forty six whipping of the Wildcats few weeks back at Michigan's best went on the season so far and now it faces its second ranked team this year with number eleven Carolina in town tonight. So that'll pretty much wrap things up and do it for this edition of countdown to tip off here on a Wednesday night from. Orioles sports network studios in the triangle. We are getting ready to send things up to the great midwest where Jones angel Eric

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