Election 2018 Review: What Happened and Why?

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Election two thousand eighteen review the midterms are over in its official. We have a split congress on Tuesday. Democrats retook control of the house of representatives while the Republicans strengthened their lead in the Senate beyond Washington. Democrats won several high profile governors races many in the midwest. But they lost their bid for governor in several other states, including Florida and Georgia at a press conference Wednesday, President Trump minimized Republican losses saying the GOP faced opposition from well-funded candidates. Adding that those who want did so because they embraced his agenda candidates who embraced our message of low taxes, low regulations, low crime, strong, borders and great judges excelled last night. The president also expressed hope for bipartisanship between the two parties. Hopefully, we can. All work together next year to continue delivering for the American people, including on economic growth infrastructure trade lowering the cost of prescription drugs. These are some of the things that the Democrats do want to work on. And I really believe we'll be able to do that. Let's talk about why the elections turned out the way they did what a divided congress means. And the impact that that'll have on President Trump and his agenda. Joining us from Washington is Wall Street Journal, executive Washington editor Gerald cyb, Jerry, first of all didn't this election show that the country remains as divided as ever, you know, young people suburbanites women, they went for Democrats while rural voters white men went for Trump in the GOP. Yeah, I think that is the bottom line here. It is an electric that looked in many ways awful lot like the one in two thousand sixteen that elected Donald Trump where Hillary Clinton won the popular vote and Donald Trump want the electoral college, that's kind of what we had here. You had a blue coalition in the suburbs in among women and young people who wanna. A lot of marginal house seats, and that's what gave Democrats control of the house, and you had a Trump coalition that seems more solid than ever in rural areas small towns and some of the excerpts around the big cities that held in place in. That's why the Republicans managed to win Senate seats in places like Texas, and Indiana, and Tennessee and the net result is you said is a split verdict. But that's what the country is it split right now between those two visions of politics. The kind of the Blue Wave a coalition and the red Trump base coalition. That's what we'll be dealing with in Washington for the next two years as a result. But on the other hand, Jerry this election didn't seem to produce the Bluewave that a lot of people said might carry the Democrats to victory in both chambers. No, that's true. And the reason that didn't happen was that some of the closest most important at least most politically charged races. Didn't go the Democrats way. And that means Beto Arocca democratic congressman did. Not defeat incumbent Ted Cruz in the Texas Senate race that would have been a shocker Democrats almost. But then in the end didn't win a big Senate seat in Florida and the governor's race in Florida, and they almost had kind of historic candidate Stacey Abrams African American woman a win the governor's race in Georgia. But she apparently has not won that race. And so all of those races would have turned a good night for Democrats into a great night for Democrats, but they came up just short on all of those. And that's the frustration for Democrats right now, they had a good night. But not a great night. And it also means on the other hand for President Trump. He just needed to avoid complete disaster in this election, and that sort of what happened he lost control of the house to the Democrats. Everybody expected that didn't lose it by the same margin that some past presidents have lost seats. Brock Obama in twenty ten lost a lot more house seats for his party and his first midterm after election than Donald Trump will. So the Republicans can say, well, we skirted disaster you meant. And some of the key races. Jerry talk about some of the other ones that stood out to you. You know, there were some interesting early ones on the house side that led Democrats to think that well, we're on our way to that giant Blue Wave.

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