Cleveland Browns QB Baker Mayfield is giving the city a reason to believe


To me. I don't think you need a offense of coach to get the best out of the Baker Mayfield. I believe you can get a great offense coordinator, I would go for the best coach because they got some good defense. Personnel to this just is valuable and has to be developed dislike the offense of town this division. Look at the coaches Cincinnati Marvin Lewis, what does he coach defensive? Okay, horrible. He's especially item. But he's a special teams coach and my Tomlin what's his specialty defense. So the defense of coaches have done well in that division, and it's a rough rugged division weather plays a part. So I don't believe that you just fall into the trap that. Oh, I got a higher offense of mine. Just because McVay Sam McVeigh's thirty to have we ever seen Sean McVay before maybe maybe Shanahan. Maybe the first shown him before Kyle his dad your member when he was that age. He was one of those bright young minds and everything, but shall McVeigh's just aren't out there running up and down the street. So I just think people are are looking at this wrong way thinking that all I gotta get an offense of coats for Baker Mayfield. I believe in Bruce Arians coaching ability, but I don't know of his style, and that stolen the ball down the field in this new NFL is the best thing for Baker Mayfield or a young quarterback trying to be successful in if they are going to go with an offense of coach all tell you a guy as far as getting the most out of that defense. I would look to his defensive coordinator. And that's guy thinks going to be bailable here in a few weeks. And that's Todd Bowles. I think if you are whomever whatever position you go with as far as the head coach offense of minded head coach defensive-minded head coach to coordinator on the opposite side of the ball becomes critical. Now, I don't know who the hot up and coming coordinators are I know the coordinators who could become head coaches are. But the guys were about ready to become coordinators on the offensive side. The Browns could hire

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