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Now in Seattle. We have sixty two degrees. Komo news time five twenty six. Former President Barack Obama has issued another eighty endorsements of candidates across the country, including. Three in our state ABC's. Brian burrow reports. The former president has now thrown his name behind two hundred and sixty democratic candidates in federal and state races. I'm the latest list he backs democratic nominees for governor in states. Like, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida and Michigan. He's back in Christine hall quiz, the first openly transgender major party candidate for governor in Vermont at Tony Evers, the superintendent of public instruction in Wisconsin. Who's facing off against governor Scott Walker in a release the former president says he's focused on close races in which his support would make a meaningful difference. Ryan burrow, ABC news, Chicago locally, Obama has endorsed Dr Kim schreier in the eighth congressional district. Lisa Brown, who's challenging Representative Cathy, McMorris Rogers and Caroline long in the third district. Well, no, one can say the people aren't paying attention to the midterm elections ABC's. Jim Ryan is in Texas where the secretary of state's office has been flooded with paperwork. Never before have so many Texans been registered to vote fifteen point six million altogether. That's a million and a half more than the last midterm election in two. Thousand fourteen there are competitive congressional races happening across the state, but each the no-holds-barred race for Ted Cruz. US Senate seat that has people rushing to register cruise the incumbent Republican and democrat better O'Rourke find themselves in a horse race just over a month before election day. Jim Ryan ABC news, Dallas and American one of the joint co owners of this year's Nobel prize for medicine. The honor goes James Allison from the university of Texas and a Japanese scientist both developed therapies along similar lines for treating cancer. They realized the potential of releasing specific proteins that service breaks in the human immune system once released immune cells can then go after an attack tumors. That's ABC's Tom rivers reporting number three becomes number one in the husky passing record. But komo's Bill Swartz is talking dawgs. It happened on this short pass in Washington's resounding win over BYU Jake Browning..

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