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Every ten minutes on the fours. They've got a new problem right now in Everett. Here's marina southbound. I five at state route five to six Boeing freeway exit number one eighty nine the carpool lane is blocked with a crash. So we have slowdowns from seventy fifth as you head towards that scene. Northbound struggle into Everett from the bowing freeway past highway two as you cross the Snohomish river southbound I five is solid traffic from the Lake City way area. All the way into downtown Seattle. Southbound four zero five boys that bumper to bumper from five twenty two coal creek Parkway. We do have the right lane blocked eastbound eighty fifth in Seattle at highway ninety nine stop and go traffic from Dayton Kent, Des Moines's area, southbound I five approaching south to sixty. So if you're trying to get to the Kent Des Moines's area, the right lane is blocked of solid traffic from the Kenton road. The fire department is on the scene blocking the right lane in Renton southbound four zero five approaching Talbott a disabled semi is taking up the right lane. So that stop and go traffic from maple valley road in magnolia fatality. Crash investigation continues and has all afternoon on Thorndike. So the stretch of roadway on Thorndike between Crockett and twenty-second has closed and Bremerton, the Warren avenue bridge is blocked both directions. Because of a collision on the bridge. So northbound traffic is backed up to highway three or four southbound traffic backed.

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