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And then locking Dali inside the closet to make it look like a burglary had gone wrong. And for months the police had fallen for it. Herman was stunned Dali was currently on trial for Fred's murder, and here was the solution to all of their problems. So you might imagine that he called the police and had Otto taken into custody securing the freedom for the woman he loved, but that's not what he did. Instead he told auto to run. Trying to put ourselves in Herman shoes. It sort of makes sense Dali wasn't going to be convicted of murder. No one could explain how she could've locked herself in the closet with the key that was found elsewhere in the house. It was definitive proof that someone else had been in there with her and the court was convinced that someone was the real killer. If Herman brought to the police sure, they would finally know who that someone was but it would also dragged Ali through the mud and Herman's reputation right along with her telling Otto to run was Herman's way of protecting his future. So he handed the young man a bag and told him to pack and leave. And that's what did he headed north the Canada? Then Dahlie, continued on with her trial, the state of California spent a year and a half trying to prove the Dolly was the killer. But in the end, they couldn't do it. It couldn't prove that. She had locked herself in a closet after committing the crime sometime in early nineteen twenty five she walked away an innocent woman. Killer. They believed had slipped through their fingers vanishing into the night like some phantom or ghost. In the end that wasn't too far from the truth..

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