Former Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn denies allegations against him

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High level executive Greg Kelly were fired by the board of directors Japan. Media reports say authorities now believe that going understated his compensation by at least twenty seven million dollars over three years. The investigation is expanding to cover more years that could lead to income tax charges in addition to violating financial regulations. Meantime, Nissan, CEO Hiroto Sakala who was the driving force behind the allegations against going is moving to give Nissan greater power in its partnership with Renault of France, which was also. Led by going dick, Hafner WJR news. The holiday shopping season is in full swing. So what are the hot toys this year WJR's Warren Pierce talked with Chris burns, the Torah guy about one of the big sellers. This year. Well, there's certainly one a company called taste masters has reintroduced popular video games in cabinets from the from the nineteen eighties. So it's it's pacman gala guy. It's all of the classic games in replica of the cabinet that kids found in arcades, but they're about

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