Dale Jarrett, Nascar And Donald Tim Andrews discussed on Von Haessler Doctrine


About. But. Last week. There was a story somewhere that caused you to say Riffa or bring up and whenever you did you said it housing, so. So. If the word when will do there's no sense though in the in now put up with Dale Jarrett and his. Going out of his way to pronounce the letter h in the word vehicle. Vehicle. Vehicle. Petrol vehicle whatever whatever his vehicle gets the turn three. He only gays. Doesn't sound like that. Is that what he sounds like? So I would say that this gentleman you'll have to call again and register your complaint in a grammatically, correct fashion. And then I will answer to that. Allen must be denounced the NASCAR champion. I'm sure Jared Yamamoto knows who the NASCAR champion. Worse. Everybody knows. It was Joey llegado member we met, Jillian, Donald Tim Andrews. Before before he's eighteen years old now, he's not eighteen as the champ. All right. Go ahead. I don't know if you remember but back then I said whenever this kid gets into nascar's. He's gonna he's gonna change. I was going to be.

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