How qiibee is Increasing Customer Loyalty With Blockchain


I want to tackle the world of customer loyalty and how it could be about to be both disrupted and transformed by technology of Costa below programs are very, very effective. When it comes to retaining customers, we all know that and customer joined loyalty programs because they wanna save money and receive rewards and fifty percent of customers say that would change their behavior to reach a high tier of customer loyalty programs, but that space does have its problems. And anyone has flied with multiple airlines or as a fun of multiple brands, we'll know their that their phone can quickly build up just a handful of points across multiple apps, but then are recently. Came across a company called Qube who will not only planning to transform the space with blockchain in the future they already are and have some amazing brand partnerships which make this an incredibly exciting project would real world adoption and not just a list of empty promises like so many others out there that will remain nameless for VS reasons that the Qube loti token protocol combined with a user friendly developer kit is aiming to ensure application. Owners don't need to invest the time money and resources required to develop their own blockchain. Smart contracts or token technology is an incredibly cool company and an even cooler guests. And one of those people I could have just spoken to for hours. So I'm excited to share this with you today. So book elope and hold on tight as I beam your ears all the way to Switzerland. So we can speak with Gabrielle Jan cola foam. So a massive. Well, welcome to the show. Can you tell the listeners about who you are and what you do, sir. Thank you very much for the invitation. I'm happy to hear be here. I'm Gabriel junk. I'm the co, founder and CEO of of keeping we are putting loyalty on the blockchain that means were helping brands to set up their own loyalty programs on blockchain so that users actually can exchange all those points that you earn those loyal. And, and you also can actually exchange for crypto or Fiat. So I'm you have a huge value out of those points. And that is really to connect the whole, the whole loyalty market. And by connecting the this huge market of billions of people, we actually the really able to also say an pushed a hold blockchain and crypto space from I heard that there are thirty million wallets worldwide from thirty million to three billion, three billion wallets. So yeah, that that's a really, really cool mix of, let's say, more to digital business model and and the super new technology, which is awesome. Now, like you said, they Qube is a Swiss loyalty. Token protocol called helps brands all around the world room, their loyalty programs on blockchain, which is a fantastic concept because I think Lord is such a big thing at the moment that it can you tell me a little bit more about what problems you aiming to solve with Cueva and also how it Bill. On strong expertise, existing partnerships, an in depth knowledge of the sector. The main the main problem really want solve is that like everybody that ever existed in a loyalty system, those the problem. So you just because you maybe saw an ad or you were, you were made aware at the point of sales. So you register because you have a say in that moment, any pulse if. You make an impulsive decision. So you just get you first points than maybe you forget you Carter told, maybe you don't even understand for what can you use your points. So and the most problem is that these programs are really not very use. If you look at at the airline programs, a lot of people do not really use the airline that much because they fly maybe as for holidays. So there two, three or four times a year. They used the airplane and then they used the loyalty system. So for them, they really know what to do with the points so that yes to say, okay, why are we not creating one big ecosystem where you have different brands in there, which do not just give you a point, but give you a token is point which has a value on on on on a secondary market or at least it's either attached value on the secondary market. So you can catch. Shit out for field or for crypto or Anjar aside the brand can enable you to exchange it with other brands. So I'm gonna example, you can you drink a cola, you got your Coca Cola coins, and you can exchange it with me for the subway coins because you wanna

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