Jimmy Butler scores 14 points in losing Philadelphia 76ers debut


Six nine the game. Magic pull out the win at home. One eleven one zero six Phillies offense failing down the stretch. Magic closed the game with eleven to two run and spoil Butler's debut. Magic with that. Twenty one nothing run in the fourth quarter to a racist sixteen point deficit. Sixers blown sixteen point lead in two of their last three games. Jimmy butler. No, fourteen points on six of twelve shooting in his debut. What scroll is in the fourth quarter? Obviously didn't win not the outcome that we wanted to have. Got a lot more of these things. I think we're all better myself included. And now we've got another one. Timetable for how long do you expect to be on the same page? Everybody learned the playbook. I think if you know, I'm a lock into it. And. Wants to get it to

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