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Tonight's is officially set because this Ursula more is in the building. Devin. Moore's also in the building. Resenting race to speak up. We'll talk with Devon and everyone's shortly. Goodson see something your faces and yes, when we say we follow up with people and see how they're doing and get a recap and all the above. We do actually do it shout out to our engineer Brian graves. Big shot to w. r. a. q. ninety two seven FM that's upstate New York. W e b twelve forty AM Long Island, right? They shot to our friends at twelve forty AM ninety five nine. I don't know about you. Rich has been a couple of weeks since we've been back. Whole bunch of things have happened. We what we won't be talking about tonight and this is the best part of the show what we will talk about what we talk about. We won't talk about Brad Kavanagh. I'll good. We won't talk about the forest that went on with the White House in regards to Puerto Rico and the number eight, six eighteen sixty four or twenty nine seventy five, which if he round up his three thousand lives that were lost with hurricane, Maria, we won't be talking about that. Okay, that's it. No more conversation because I think he just did talk about it. Trouble storm for its water. I mean, it, you know, it's a good thing that of course it has been down. It was downgraded pretty quickly as soon as he got on the land went, you know, from four to three, three to category one to tropical storm. However, that does not mean it will not be as much rain that in this case, that's where the dangerous flooding everywhere. Fortunately, the winds course of subsided greatly, but was what's the last number twenty five thirty inches of rain, something like that. And some areas over the course of three days. You know, our thoughts and prayers go out to all of those down in the Carolinas area, Virginia area being affected by the storm being affected by the floods. You know if you were in an area and the national guard of the local law enforcement or the army, or whoever came through and said, you need to leave, you need to leave. They don't come through and ask you to do that just because they want you to abandon your house. It. As your life is in danger and it's a last resort pack up, get out. You know, at least last, I heard at least the the number of lives lost was. But for the last I heard with the, you can expect that, of course of changed. The town that was trending on social media was Newburgh. Where two hundred residents were rescued while and they were in the digital hundred fifty that will waning. I mean, I don't want to believe this and I don't want to sound like you know upbeat, but basically what you said. If someone is telling you if someone from whether it's federal government, one, four, spent all someone in an authoritative leadership position that was appointed or elected by the people by you. To leave or to evacuate. You have to do that. I can. I would, you know, fortunately having never been in that position. Either, but rich come on. Yeah, you can understand when they come by, especially, you know, you listen to the interviews on TV and just about every person who decided to stay set, says the same exact thing. All we wrote out the last two, three, four, five, whatever the number is. It wasn't that bad. We're going to try to ride out this one. Even though they're being told this is gonna be in a little different. It's, you know, don't look just the storm winds. Look at the rain. It's coming. It's high tide, you know, it's a confluence of bad news coming at the same time. And I mean it sure. How easy would it be for you? It would take just about everything for either your all right. I'm going to abandon my house now. Right? You can understand that, but, but like you were saying, I get it too, but are we major flood? So no, we at least I'm not right. So you take you have to take certain things into consideration. You really do. And I know we sound like the Monday morning quarterbacks here. Or maybe we don't sound like the people on Cable News Network that that we want to sound like that. But if someone is telling you. You gotta leave, you gotta go right now. Granted their issues when they're either there's a medical issue, right? Or you know. You can capable of making the trip there. There were reasons why you can't go, but if you sit and they had to say, you know, I am going to ride it out and then you're calling on the first responders and you're talking about, I'm on the second floor in the attic and the new order on the first floor for and is now in the second floor night come on man. You're not only putting your life in danger, but what about this first responders? Right. And the other people who also do need rescuing right may may be there because they absolutely could not get out. Right. We've all in terribly save again. Like you're saying, we don't want to sound harsh. We don't want to sound insensitive. Genetics definitely care about all those down there. But yeah, I on the same. Same thought pattern is you if you've been told to do it, do it. So tell me this much if you're in a situation like that hypothet- hypothetical, you're not rich. I'm not me. Okay. We're not a. Not a Long Island. Okay. We're somewhere in the deep south. We're somewhere where the tide is high. Okay. Okay, we live somewhere in Wilmington. We live somewhere near the beach. In someone knocks on your door, the badge, you know someone like I said, authority figure not saying though with the badge and gives you a life vest. Right? And gives you. A permanent magic marker. Right? And what do they tell me when the hand me this life vest in permanent magic marker and write your social on your arm or somewhere on your body and give us your next kin so that we can identify you right. After the fact. So if it doesn't, if you don't heed that warning. In this something wrong. I'm not gonna say you're wrong. Like I said, I know. By myself. I disagreed with you. I just, you know, I, you know, it's gotta be hard when that situation comes, but you're right when they're doing that, your life is being threatened. Right? And the story they're trying to wake you up. Right? Is your wakeup call, right? This is no different than when at the the former governor, Christie said, when sandy. Get Saturday off the beach. You know, don't work when you're paying right now. Right? Right now, granted for two or three hurricanes later, he was onto the. He was on the beach. Another here. No, there folks. When you hear these types of emergency situations, we hope that you're prepared. We hope that there's some type of emergency preparedness or response that you have within, you know, with your each. I guess within each of your families, you preparation is the key like like you're saying, especially if you live in. So I mean, well, I'm gonna take that back. Partially everyone should have at preparation plan. Yes, of some sort. You know, even if it's just a matter of, okay, if something goes wrong and the members of the family art together, create a plan in a location where you're going to all congregate in SEM as possible, especially if you live in certain areas where you know floods hurricanes in tornado alley, then sure you wouldn't have even more you and have a bag of things. Where do you go? You want to have something, you know, credit cards and items in ziplock bag that, yes, some cash in the bag, clothing. Some parasol nonperishable foods, you know, simple things. It doesn't have to be a, you know, a huge duffle bag livings or something that can get you and your family through for two days. But it's so funny because we've had the set of experts on here before. We have, but you sit back and say, do you have a couple of cases of water, right at home, right. Just in case, right. I mean, not the water that you you. You know, when you walking out to go to work again and you pull out, you know to take one yourself, but something that you have on the side prepares just in case just in case, I hope we've scared you enough. Shouldn't be scared. You know this, my hope we educated you enough again, we're probably a little more sensitive to these things. You know, nine eleven was you know, seventeen years ago, right? And granted, the damage in initial impact was localized to downtown Manhattan. However, the entire region, the entire country was in a state of a look at this. What do I do what's going on? What if and so with like, you know what I'm saying up here, we're a little more sensitive to these taking little Little wasn't wasn't usually usually. superstorm sandy. There's been instances where hurricane Irene, the year prior blackouts blackouts that you have to be prepared for this type of stuff. So as we segue segue, this is late night parents with rich and Ted this ways the follow the show is late night, parents dot com. Wait, you will find the latest blogs. You can find a Twitter and Facebook feeds, but you can find an archive of podcast in the studio. We have in person in person. Devin moore. Named might ring a bell to you. It might not. We'll refresh you in his supermom. Ursula more big shot. The Willmore will how you doing. Much love. So the last time we were in the in this studio together, just a brief recap. We will go through a story where we were discussing cyberbullying overall bullying, just a situation that went from bad to worse. And we talked about some of the perils of. Being online. it. online. it. Before we close out the segment tell especially in contact with you on social media. You could directly message me on my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, which are. My Instagram spree to speak up all lower case. My Facebook is racist, speak up, which is with each word as capital case. And my Twitter is has up. Definitely. We want to let you know late night parents does support race to speak up and we'll be in touch with you. I don't have to tell you to, you know. Don't be a stranger. You know, you know where we are, and definitely we want to stay in touch with you and find out how you know your progress is going with this initiative. So as I said before, you should be commended and. Thank you so much food for joining us today. Thank you for having you good to see you and mom continue doing what you're doing. We know you're there. You've got this young man's back here. It's it's really important. I just want to say this We is talked really important about that you also. know, you have a mom, and you have a dad I guess the effects that fully of when you were bullied, by your side but and we supportive spoke with of. the mom. We spoke with the family So that there's was going to going be times to just not and sit I know there I'm and gonna take sound it, a little preachy then we're gonna because push back. you know Right. we both had kids. And that's the most important thing you can sit There's there and times you can take when it and mom and you dad could is say, gonna tell oh, you well, something and what you was don't needed? wanna listen This is to what them. happened. All I I don't wanna know, do but x. y. the person z. to the left of me take step and the person to step to back the right to a deep of you breath. said, Think no, about times like this we're not gonna do it. when mom We're not and dad just going to are be the victims. supporting for We're these not different just going to initiatives go down and that long line and of, oh, not just this just is what happened. just the good times And. also think about the times That's that that because we're I troublesome think the one big question that you said, you know what? and Mom, I think we had this dad, discussion I got to speak in to pre you about pro. XYZ. With which discussion Are there was this for you? inquiry They're pro and pre pro like I said, we they're going discussed to be your biggest fans. when They're I was going speaking to be the ones with with the poms Ursula and and in will totally on the phone. supportive of, you know, It said just the he thing in was person financially, spiritually, what have you done? moldy Since above. that So point? make sure you You know, do we understand everything that you that need to do and listen to your parents. there was a lawsuit, Okay. that was that was happening. All right. But I guess Thanks. my concern is out All of the right. last We're gonna discussion take a quick break was. and we How will be do back we, in about thirty seconds you know, of education's being a parent office now, of you federal know student when your aid. child We hurts, provide you more heard than one hundred of course. fifty Okay. billion dollars each year in grants loans And that's, and work, you study know, funds, you hurt making you higher hurt education mentally, possible you're for anyone. physically, Federal student but aid proud sponsor of the American what do mind, you do learn more at student to ensure aid dot gov. that someone else Magin doesn't a time fall into when that no situation? one person has Parkinson's. Disease Because you know what is happens debilitated with your child? by stroke How do we avoid and no this from family happening again, suffers. The tragedy of what also are we doing? And some those of the questions best minds were posed in America last time are doing more and than the mansion. they The American spoke about brain a few foundation initiatives. seeking to So find it's so cures good. That were life Devon without brain disease is isn't here just to something join we us can imagine to something tell us we can no since joined that point. Kim Sorbo I think it's in been the about plaintiff six, cure brain disease. For more information, maybe four, visit six, American, bring maybe foundation seven, dot org. eight We weeks served our ago country like those before. about that much, but Devin. Dangerous How are you air doing. ele, Avena dangerous. I'm good. How The are carnage you? Hey, of war Ted in left rich. an indelible Mark Why Why are are you you on done? doing. me. Good We back. came back Welcome back. and Welcome built back. lives So the question as time is, went on, since we faced the situation new challenges when you and were found with support us before, the handle. I want what to had you done? talk to my doctor and started I doing mean, groups we see that you're thought in good of doing spirits, one on one and we're counseling happy about that. at make the connection dot net. You can hear And our as stories we've always and find said tools you, we said and services to you last available time to you. if you ever needed to use the station Our daughter might or be drinking use or taking this show something is else vehicle can't talk with to her about it. push She keeps out whatever everything message secret, that you have but when I pretend everything. a, our Airways, your airwaves. So tell us All right, what have you and done since we last are time we've back. spoken, I created hashtag racist, It was good speak to have up my organization guess which helps Ursula young people and from different races excuse me, speak Ursula up about and their Devon bullying Moore with and hate us experiences. from race to speak I up. want to educate and power the Good youth to see him doing about well. Good. See him really how doing well. bad That is good to see. not You know, speaking it's like up about we always, like I said, your we always blowing, say that a, people, hey stances let's as let's well catch as the. up Winging and it let's self. talk. Let's see No, how bullying people yourself are doing will get worse if some you don't of speak the people who up do catch back up with it. somebody. Well, We don't catch in my back case, up with. I it think lets me being they paranoid will be I really a didn't even a want mainstay to go to school. here. I think so too, and And that's a when good I thing was in when school, you know I always thought young that man, they were yes, going to do something yes, yes, really, really crazy. happy about that. We'll crazier to Wanna me switch gears and for a second I was and say, rich. anxious. I don't know I also if you suffered got to see my it first this seizure. week. Did Which you see led me the to. apple town I hall ended up in the hospital with the latest gadgets and. and all the above underwhelming Besides over well, overwhelming all of that or that could happen Matt? to you because of bullying. Well, I did not You could sit also in view that the could entire also lead presentation. you to soup I to just being caught even up on some a suicidal of the very quick if it gets updates to that point, which surrounding no one should be, you shouldn't iphone have to releases. go through bullying in Hake, which is why I'll just go with I want to help man. young people with that. I really. I mean, it's okay for Well, men. actually, What are we also, at now? if Thirteen any hundred. of you out there Yeah, have no, anyone I gotta tell you who has been for bullied, a phone before please the show contact started. me on my social media's So we're at the point my now where. Twitter is price tag I'm versus going speak to turn up on by the Instagram phone is racist, for speak Nivo. up, and Oh, so it was Lord, my Facebook. gonna turn on the phone, but let me tell Okay. you Perfect. my daughter had Great. So this great idea how long ago dead. did you set Give up him your my phone your social media and let me accounts? get Have enough. you They have? give him Have you mockery had the opportunity aid, to get feedback iphone yet ten or or have any iphone going act, hasn't even started and subscribing let me to get you the and started iphone some conversations. x. max she just went I all started the way they my went all the way there. in And I my account so quickly my social turned media her accounts around a few months ago. and was just like what And since then some I people said. have been Do me contacting a favor. me I said she dominated said what about I now. said, leave their my room bullying, right now. hate experiences in what has happened in their experience experiences. The schools that would do nothing or try to cover it up. And I've been trying to do whatever I could whatever I can do to help them, but it's still hard for them. Of course. Yes. And also my goals are to. Of course, speak up at schools and I want to implement a class and to each school in the United States or even more than just the United States about bullying. Kate on want people to take a mandatory class about bullying in, hey, where you could in the class, you could set up little skiffs to show the whole school about bullying, hey, can do. And also examples pulling in hate. So you know what you what is going on and what you can do. Want to jump in here Devon and say, I thought he should be commended for not only the situation you had to go through, but the the forward steps that you take in your family's taken in the support that you received in from from your mom and dad. I would say explanation number one. When you do give that class, most people don't even realize, well, I would say most younger people might not even realize that if there they may think like they're talking hot or cracking a joke on someone or something like that. That's bullying that cyberbullying right there in the nut show. People people don't realize because I, it was funny. I think this is about maybe four years ago I did. I worked with a youth group and we were discussing cyber movie. And I and I've gone through story before where I had. I told everyone to pull out their cell phones and most of the kids that were there and they range from, I would say about eight to eighteen eighteen nineteen. Okay. And most of most of the kids pull that cell phones, I don't know if they will all working or not, or I don't know, but they actually had a cell phone in their hand, and I said to them, have you ever said anything mean online to any of your friends? And they said, I said, I said, you know, no one's in trouble regime because it was. It was a session. I did just with the youth and most of them I would say two thirds of racer saying, hey, I said something, but it was funny, and I said, you know, hey, it's funny to you and people that's like the first step. So I think it's key in what you're doing is you're educating us and what does. Say what not to say. I mean, I'm most most of the times when someone says something disparaging, then yes, they understand that that's considered, you know cyberbullying. But if they think if they're being funny and or if you've been at a situation where someone will say something and then you start to pile on. You know, you're adding to that badges. We talked before about, you know, knows believe it. Zero tolerance bullying program. I will tell you this much. I like the fact that you starting to lay the groundwork and this is something where I will tell you take your time with it. Don't be discouraged, keep pressing through. You will get, you will get speaking engagements. And it doesn't have to be a warmer, five hundred people, right? Ten people, right. And as long as you reach out Ingles I think the songs you can connect with at least one or two people, the us nature Mark, you made your Mark and you take it from there and you continue to speak out about it. Because it's it's, your story was powerful, but I like the fact that you were us taking the additional steps so you gotta keep pressing on and. There's going to be a few hiccups. You know, there's going to be a few bumps in the road. Don't let that stop you. He pressing on for Reese to speak up. We definitely support you here. Thank you. Before we close this out Ritchie, have any questions or anything? No, all I would just and a little bit to something. You just mentioned that you know, just because that bullying is really from the perspective of the recipient as you will know when someone is sitting there saying making a joke and it's like said, oh, I didn't mean anything by at those funny. And meanwhile, you're really, really hurting someone's feelings. You know, this isn't just about now while you're young in school ten naked, tell you both. We have to on an annual basis, recertify resigned documents for employer, it says we have to, we attend to a mandatory mandatory anti harassment, sexual harassment training district, Eric harassment trainings. These are all things which you know in school you call the bullying. It's called harassment a real life and you do suffer much much more serious consequences. So this is you know your your experience. And now you're teaching others chewing on this. What when you get older in real life, you know what? What the value of learning what is harassment was not an how to interact with people. So he going on what you're doing there. I think it's good in a very good. They decided to go public with it and what you have your turning it into a positive and trying to both assist others in dealing with it. And at the same time you're teaching those who may have been the perpetrators of the harassment that what they're doing is actually. Wrong to make possible. But that'll be interesting. We'll see what the FCC what the timeframe is on that. You know they saying this is going to happen within the next year or is this something that's gonna happen? Ten years from now, and they could signings person up. It's SpaceX. Could be next week could be this week. It could have already had it was right, right. The person's already in earth orbit, the Allegra riot push him out now, right? Yeah. Hippie. I mean, you wanna talk about a money maker. You wanna talk about elitist. That's for the elitist. Yes. Now sitting here with my iphone, taking pitchers orbiting around the moon. Did they mentioned anything about cost or all this homes out? I think all this is going to come out tomorrow. I'll be listening for that. This is gonna come out tomorrow. Eight o'clock Pacific time. It's gonna come at all. Big, boxing guy, not the boxing guy. Did you catch the fight last thing. I, I haven't trying to avoid anything. Of course it should be what HBO next week. So was gonna show it next week? I'm trying to hold out. I don't know. I made it through the day. I will tell you this, but I ate was a great five of the fight. Okay, great. Ray fight, a great fight. I fight. Yes, it dwarf the all right. So then what you you might be able to, you might give me this on the air right now that if it was a great fight and it wasn't a close fight, it was a close fight. And having seen that fight, do you debate the outcome? I do not debate the outcome. The outcome being debated at all nearly all right somebody it's not because it was such a good fight that it could go either way. Right. You know, I, the person that I thought was going to win. Right? Did not win. Okay. Central g one and I think you can. You can tell me I'm. were Say, don't tell this is a spoiler free show for, I'm sure it'll it'll speak out happened or ready. Yes. When I when I favor it, male person comes through. I'm Shelby finding out then. Totally. Totally. And I'm okay with it through though. I'm okay with it was really, really knowing. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, this is one of those fights where you sitting there, you just like, okay, that round could go to either person. And there were a couple of rounds like that. Right. Okay, worth. I mean fighters always, you know, have the center of the something that went. It doesn't go their way, but are the five do both of the fighters seem to acknowledge the decision? Yeah, it's totally sets up a third five that okay. We don't. We like there was no stench. Right. Okay. There was there was somewhat of a stench after the first for guess there was and you're sitting there, you like, how did that? How did that happen? Right, right. After this one, you just like, because I, I will tell you this much. I don't know anything about being a referee or judge, right? I scored at one fourteen one fourteen they had at one fifteen one. Thirteen. Okay. That's one round. There's one round. I had. I totally. I said, if this thing is a draw, I said, see it. I could see it. Right. Okay. I could see it was. I was let him in there. I was like listening to how Letterman and his it was. This wasn't an HBO thing. This was no, it was HBO thing was mex-. Caliban is coming. Okay. I like him. So. I mean, that was interesting. That was interesting. The only other thing is it will say. Is. I think the, I think you and I talked about it, but during the week. I think he was in the sea is I know so Long Island. Okay. Long. Island town, crack pike in the Sheen's. Yes. And it was actually multiple towns I find was going on here. I, I read that article because I was like, all right, this what number one, what town is this town? Is this. Right? It was a little farther east in some towns that have a reputation already for having drug and substance abuse issues. So the vending machines themselves will some of them were. I remember at least three of them that they've found the might have been more whatever, but three being mentioned of the three least two of them were placed in public space. Were, you know, nothing should have been posted at all, and one of his own some private space where at least immediately after the reporting of the incident, they weren't able to tear them down yet because it was on on privately-owned on space, but the devices themselves were labeled with it was the word pens in lower case sticker and a capital s. spends being the the full spelling? Yes. So of course it it would. It's not illegal at all to to sell a pen now, even if you want to charge. I think it was charging two dollars for these things because l. a. pan out of out of a machine short on problem. But when it's a pen is really a glass tube and there's no ink in it. And that's what these devices were. So basically as was reported, they're selling crack pipes. People were finding and you know, I, I did catch on one of the reports. You know, they had the back of the device with the phone number of the vendor in case there's an issue, call his number really clearly there. So we've heard nothing more about this. These I haven't heard more. Oh, they've been sitting here saying, okay. Stupid question. No question is stupid. As you though. When you spot something like this neltza to call in police. The police. Right. What else do you do? You call your congressman. This one, half the Pete, you could be sure half the people who saw thought, oh, it depends offensive. 'cause it was just the ones I saw were green green box with a slider for coins like you'd have legitimate wicked, dispense the pen. So did you actually see one on on the? Yes. The report. Okay. But they had pictures of a couple of them and they look the same there were, you know someone had dug a little spot con concrete down, screw these things down to the concrete and anywhere. And you know, I guess some people in the neighborhood have to notice what was laying around the ground around them. It's like a crack pipe. But as I think you're saying what one, what has it come to with someone even things? I mean, sure. That's, you know, it's head of a marketing ploy there, but I know what I'll do. I'll make some money selling crack pipes. Where are we in worse? Of course, people were buying someone was using them at their. I don't know how long the devices were mounted or any of those details kinda get the idea that was not long at all, and they were taking down, you know, even more quickly, but yeah, but like you're your your question. Yeah, you call the police. That's the first thing you do and you give me a formation that's on the device. Here's the phone number of the coal get this thing out and they will act courting if they've legally can. Again, some was I think one of them was behind a bus stop. That's the one I saw the pictures. So. I don't know. But those areas do have reputations for a very, very bad drug problem. As you know, somebody other locations around the country, but that those areas are unknown for. And so you have situations like this, which I. were aware of Painful. it? I would not. That would make no sense at all because he's trying to I, if in fact he is trying to play that game now with this one year deal and like, all right. Well, I'm just not gonna show up and I won't get paid, and. Okay, fine. And just after released me when it's over, then we know what will maybe. No, you've just taking yourself and no one's gonna win. You. Or or that mixed deal is fourteen million. It's for five, right? See his issue. And I understand because I mean, you got ownership, he ears you have to you. He's turned thirty years old thirty years old old NFL that's ancient in the NFL. Yes. Thirty years old as running back is unheard of almost this I've noticed. Right. So that's even more Clichy these you'd think he was all right. Give me that big check. And give me another one next year. So let me ask you if if he was the show up and everything going, normally this season. What's his contract. So he was just a one year contract regardless. So next season would even free would have become free anyway, apply the franchise tag twice so they can no longer apply. So he's a free agent regardless of free agent regardless. So this doesn't make any sense. Valley's your agents are out there and like the contact you so you can speak with us. Please let us know please contact us, hey, I know we're just a little little show up here, but you know, we'd like to hear from you. Why not? I was happy to the to hear this that Netflix, you know, then flicks picks up all these shows that are. I don't want to say on the scrap heap there on the bubble during the bubble network, right? Because they said, oh, it's too expensive, and we're not getting the viewership that we wanted not. I guess somewhere someone is noting that network viewership is straightened shrinking down. Yep. Shrieking drinking court. Designated survivor. I don't know if you've ever watched it that was always on my to watch list season three will be on Netflix. Nice said a sixteen episodes you'll get twelve. That's fine. I mean, that's that's already in the cans. So it's not like Netflix had the by the licensing for. We'll, we'll take that. No problem. We're not producing. It doesn't sound like they're going to continue the series after that. It's just gonna be. That's those twelve minutes it or are they gonna continue? It depends. You know what I hear that would be great. If what was the and it just my mind with Did she give you the look the of Indian defeat. Middle Eastern Local Indian way. actress. And basically Diversity, she took pretty a l. one? Yes. Conseco He Quantico was trying to pull I, a super that was another fast show always one. on my to I'm watch like, come list, on. right. Even my wife said, I it's dunno, good show rich. gone I thought will see tell you and this much. that's what I'm scared of. I don't wanna. I That's have the time, an iphone eight right? I don't wanna. That's the time. eight. I If have an iphone there's eight only just going to be two guess seasons what and I he's just gave like, okay, up so how does it end right? the. Unless they're going to tighten up right. That's a lot of wills. The model I I had will before tell you I've watched five episodes the SE of and they see interests they're no so longer far, making the SE. the first season, Now the second that season was the rumor there for I, wall I those never moving, got through the first see first two season ID's. that's It he was. to, and I sat Was there men waiting and then right. The second patiently season rich as you did I watched maybe and four episodes and of the first right? never I happened. gave up. I got about six Never and happened. gave up So we second excess season. x. Yeah. our If you watch the recap and this new episode. third one Yeah, like and then the matches. the day. Right Thanks. in good. All I heard Jerry was thirteen m may hundred do dollars that. out Okay. of the day. Power man. Thirteen hundred. That's before taxes. Bouquet Oh cage yeah, of rattling course. some So fifteen advice comic hundred dollars. comic? Of course you haven't activation Yes. fee on the new phone Got a kinship activation on that too, evening. is So pretty good. I'm. That was really good. Awesome. Fifty dollars I a month more got was pretty good. something It's like picking that. up. No, sorry. No, I will no. say with So the Netflix shows what what they didn't interest tie me a little in more beside characters was after apple that's watch. the key to it. All, you know, I have one. misty I know shows you've up. got a Gente I don't to wanna blow is it that for correct you, but misty shows now an episode. on Three. Okay. because Iron for Father's fists. All Day, right. She jumps let me out tell the car you. and she was like, what are you guys up to nice and Family, you like d misty. Hicks, and and and You associates? like, oh, my goodness. Yes. Hit Well, me. there should be lots This of crossover is like maybe between shows. Yes, two or three it days at some ago point. it was Yes, totally. before less? That's what they should Yeah, do. They get the one yeah. show Okay. heroes for hire. So they pick That's me up Jen what we one said. That's the now, heroes fire and show, I said and to that's you, it. rich last mother's You know, day. Guess that could what? I be picked her up your Jen three Lucchese g. Casey's and three. in three, right? You know, So now and we're tied gen and I four? m n season Yes, four, right, but I picked right. her up the non But sim maybe Jen maybe fry. they are. That's They yeah. have to be. If I do go Jin four. But Let's the see what's coming the Netflix up. We'll shows fathers as coming the up Netflix marvel in June shows are dumb. June of twenty nineteen. We just hope. I I just could wait want to for know that what's or going to happen maybe try as to squeeze Disney the in for streaming the holiday. service I comes alive. think it's a good crawl, The but partnership. I think I might go with I was assume. gonna ask a question in our, you know the answer, Why? but they'll be another I ten don't meet know people me do because are you you can gonna ditch subscribe the to phone, the Disney service. but you're going to have the phone Neither with you all the am. time I anyway. am not. Not in. I I also don't know. have something against, You you know, let's always see. have Is it phone always I, you know, gonna always, I'm a big Star Trek but fan. Yes, if you wanna heard go the new show is totally great. The the new Tracy show is awesome. actual smart. Only Yes, available you the Star can totally Trek that have correct. you talked I'm to gonna your where CVS you can talk to at your correct wrist? You can talk to you leave streaming your service roles. streaming If you service can play or your your after apple the season music drops, wins description. then they'll let you pick Yes. it up then you can see it on Netflix. Act of this Okay. apple ecosystem The is net flicks and it's I'm happy. sickening. I But got, if you I, you know, are. I give credit. It's sickening No, that you in completely. a little secret, rich. So if you're in I don't your even have tied to tell you in this. life, but so tell You me this install much. your VPN, They make these products you directed these niche to the UK. products. You could pull So it that up I mean, are the we season getting to the point on your where net flicks just UK the elite suspicion. can have a max. Never said that never said that You know at all. what I'm Nope. gonna say? No, Never because said that people at all. will pay the You pay directing that monthly traffic. Bill. Billingham. It's available in You gotta the job, UK you know. is available in the Okay, UK. fine. Oh, my goddess. Another city bucks a month. Okay. Thank you. Look, Okay. I it's I not don't just know who the just elitist broke the law. They're delete. not You bad. know No, that are getting no, these devices, because. you would think, but Weepy end you know, you go through the other camp. VPN I mean, Android campus, specially but Samsung let's get ready nice to get on devices, outta here. nicer here. nine and every better iphone wants to do right and has been doing it for a while or for at least a couple of years. Say, wireless charger, crucial recognition, ovation, logging, come on camera. I, I want to see. I haven't seen what the the x x dot, whatever's homes cameras, look like, but Samsung cameras have been Trump seeing apple cameras for years, three years. You know, I got my daughter wireless

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