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Going to be weird when Marius arrives on the Texans team bus after noon, or maybe even before noon, but makes a right and goes to the visitor's locker room rather than go into the home locker room that is all he's ever known and plenty of people had their thoughts on DT, including John Elway. So let's find out. Why did the Broncos president football operations and GM make the move to get rid of the future ring of Famer the goal was that it was we were not how van ons on trading Damaris. If the value was there that we felt the value was there we felt that you could help us that way as far as the draft next year. And and that we thought that with the young guys behind him that we could make up for the for the space that you know, he would he would leave and so. You know, we got the value that we felt was fair, and that was the most important thing. So, you know, I think that is never easy when you trade a guy that's been a household name here for a long time. And then a lot of great things not only on the football field. But but also in the community, and you know, it was a good, man. So pleasant to good spot for Demaria's. Good football team, and that's independent raise where he's going. And so it'll be it'll be good for him to to Maria's was the longest tenured. Denver Bronco drafted by Josh mcdaniels in two thousand ten. Now, the longest tenured Broncos. It's a pair of them. They joined the team in twenty eleven von Miller is the second overall pick in the draft Chris Harris junior and under free agent out of the university of Kansas and we'll hear from DT's longtime teammates. I here's Vaughn his thoughts on his one of his favourite guys. Get moved to show. But on Sunday we had to get. Like, I said two days ago was extremely sad day for everybody. And then, you know, yesterday's super weird. And the thing that everybody.

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