Explainer 142: Who are the DUP?


Democratic Unionist Party was founded in Northern Ireland in the nineteen seventies against a backdrop of extreme political violence. The loyalist groups finder the firebrand Reverend in paisley at Longview, the campaign for greater rights for Northern Ireland's Catholic population is a free night did island. It was an idea. He hated and evaluate never to share power with. Heard tells. God. Say. Problem. Indeed, it would be fair to say that the DP renamed for the progressive politics. They've consistently oppose the European Union gay rights and the Boertien. Also, the only party who refused to sign up to this story. Good Friday agreement in one thousand nine hundred eight which ended thirty years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. The principle of consent is absolute and is throughout the agreement. And the breakthrough is that that is now accepted by all north and south the DP eventually reneged on its promise never share power with Republicans in two thousand seven the party, which was still led by impatiently from the coalition with equally hotline Republicans shin. Fain paisley became Northern Ireland's first minister and the former array commander Martin McGuinness became his deputy. They were nicknamed the chuckle brothers. Have you told me some time ago? But I have is standing here to take this office. I would have been totally on the leaving. It's strange that the two men who did so much petuous the long conflict able to work together for peace in the late two years the pace mcginnis and no longer alive and power-sharing has once more which impasse in Northern Ireland. The DP is now in the hands of the former solicitor and lifelong unionist all in foster and the days when we were plagued by terrorism and decisions affecting our fits and our futures were taken far away. I could not have dreamt that I would be in this position today is it any wonder that in politics either. Leave nothing is impossible the United Kingdom's lash gem election proved that nothing is impossible. The Prime Minister Theresa may made a calamitous decision to hold them when she didn't have to and in short lost majority. It means she never relies on the support of the DP ten members of parliament to properly the government. The prime minister spoken with me this morning, and we will enter discussions with the conservatives to explore. It may be possible to bring stability turn issue at this time of great challenge. Thank you very much to numerous in this statement to say that the deal between MRIs May's conservative party and all in forces DP is problematic. It's cool to confidence and supply agreement. It means that the P gives the Tories votes in return for extra funding for Northern Ireland. For the party's db. Awesome. Hey to proceed over Brexit. Indeed, Theresa May's draft agreement with the European Union is unacceptable to the DP. Northern Ireland alone would align with the block single-market, meaning new regulate trade barriers between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. This is a red line for the DP you claim it could damage the integrity of the union with the rest of the U K. We have to do something to show our displeasure what we did tonight with we abstained the number of votes, we voted with report at one vote. None of them have financial consequences, by the way. But all of them were designed to send a political message to the government. Look, we've got an agreement with you. You've got to keep your side of the bargain, otherwise feel obliged and that was the DP semi Wilson. Explain why his party failed to back the UK government on recent vote in Westminster. It could be a sign of wish to come from. Mrs may her own party is at best lukewarm on Brexit plans. And with the support of the deal. Ep. There is a real risk. She could be forced from power just months before the UK set to leave the European Union. For multiple twenty four. I'm Reese, James.

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