Washington state reports first flu death of season


Piecemeal taxes all over the state could cost jobs. I would assume that they would make the same argument. Myrtle control. Do they wanna have carbon taxes different carbon taxes in each different city? No opponents of sixteen thirty four say a similar sugary drink tax did not cost jobs in Philadelphia. But lamb says the Seattle city council had the data to show that claim is untrue. Hundreds of people packed the Seattle city council chambers last night to have a say in where the city's going to spend billions of dollars including more than ninety million the mayor wants for homeless services. More from komo's Tammy matassa. Taking center stage at the final budget hearing the homeless crisis in public. Safety. We all know about the human Pooh on the streets and the needles in the rats creating dangerous conditions for every person living in the city right now, the mayor's proposing ninety point three million dollars go to homeless services and temporary shelter. It doesn't include permanent housing. I know that the people that I have kicked out of the shelter at night that I have turned down for a bed in the morning have gone out and commit suicide many want to see results for where the money will go, and we throwing more and more money without the mayor's entire budget proposal is about six billion dollars. Komo news time five forty time to get to the Harley exterior sports desk with Tom hutler. Fifteenth-ranked huskies and the golden bears in Berkeley Saturday afternoon. The dog's trying to hold onto the lead of the pack twelve north Cal coached by former U dub defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox who. Also, Chris Peterson staff at Boise state. He has a lot of respect for the dog defense. I think they're very

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