5G video that changes according to your reactions: Scary or awesome? (The 3:59, Ep. 479)

The 3:59


Welcomes three fifty nine on Roger Chan Janis also I'm offering five g. package continues team along today. We've got a look at how five g. might change video. Joan tells about this scary, utopian future five g. might actually bring. It's a scary utopia or dystopia could be awesome. It could be amazing, depends on your your perspective. But yeah, tell it tell us about this idea of five g. potentially customizing video on the fly. Well, the idea is that five g. opens up the ability to have video that's much more interactive than we've ever really known before and interactive video up until this point has been really clunky. It hasn't been super popular. Interesting, but not not very stops and you have to push a bun. Most of it is kind of choose your own adventure style. Stop for the soil. I'm pauses and its like, does the character Goto the scary woods or go to the castle to fight the dragon, stuff like that. Five g. has the capacity the capability of potentially creating videos where the plotline changes, depending on how you react to watching it on your phone. It could have VR and AR could explode because of the capability of having that real time exchange of information happening with your phone that five g. can handle that. Previous technologies couldn't let opens all kinds of crazy price because if it's like constantly watching for your reactions, right while you watch everything with a scheme on do so like hockey mask, it's yeah, we're in a chant time right now. We're hyper hyper aware, but we're more aware than we have in the past about how technology compromises our privacy in order to give us things that delight us as some companies like to put it. So with this one, it's the same situation. People talked to are like one great thing is how with five g. we can use your. Cameras to be taking all this visual visual information that will further advance the ability to have interactive television. But the downside is that your camera would be taking all the visual information all around you all the time. So there's always, it's we're, we're going to have to figure out a way to strike compromises that. Don't people out or we'll speaking of privacy. The us holding a big president conference in Brussels, Katie Collins out there, but some of the details of what apple Facebook said at this conference. So Tim cook spoke at it earlier today. And he's actually the first tech CEO to speak about privacy on a US data privacy law. This has been brewing for some time now, but usually through a privacy officer, some lawyer for you know, Amazon or Facebook Google. So Tim cook is the first Texier to actually comment about this, and he basically criticizes the tech industry and talks about all the issues with privacy that we've already seen through the last year. Companies using your data and things like that. And then he laid out basically apples plan or what apple wants and a US privacy law, which includes the right to have your personal data minimized, the right to know what is being collected about you the right to control, you know, you can edit or delete what data company has on you and then security as a foundation for all that, making sure all of that is stored on secure server. The interesting part is that he criticizes website or you know, you criticize tech companies out there doesn't name any of them. A lot of it is what Google and Facebook does. And if you look at Google's privacy framework, it's almost the exact same thing. Facebook didn't lay out their their whole plan for what they want to use their privacy law. But Mark Zuckerberg basically went out there and said, hey, you should trust us. Yeah, that's, that's. That's what I'm gonna do trauma trustmark. All right. Lastly, in the time that we had last time we have just want to shout out to Megara exclusive interviews with FCC chairman and Commissioner, just Rosen worse. All talk about the dilemma facing rule broadband and how they can agree sometimes disagree on some solutions to fixing that problem for full coverage. Chickasaw, see, Roger tank, Johnny salsa, amount for listening.

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