Justin Bieber Is Reportedly 'Not Over' Selena Gomez Despite Marrying Hailey Baldwin


Is that they actually got married on because both of them have started to refer to each other publicly as has been. Man and wife. So that's the first thing also heavily Baldwin the and I love how she's referred to in any news segment or any news right up is twenty one year old model. Geyser is there a bigger antagonised in my whole life than twenty one year old model? No. She trademarked the name Haley Bieber for intentions of a clothing line. Would we like to know what does I Haley Bieber? Clothing line look like? What is that? Whatever outfits the people like marshalling the gates of hell is what I imagined, but seems about right. Also, I love that they've been looking for house because he's been wanting to move out of his neighbor. I think he lives next door like, no kidding. I think he lives right next door to Ellen generous who famously has complained about him at times because of the partying. And she's like, we live in a normal like neighborhood like which, okay, Ellen. How about we all come down with? We all live in a normal neighborhood. Okay. Little down with your. Don't don't presume you're normalcy upon me, Ellen. This isn't the crosswinds subdivision that went up twenty sixteen like come on, but I love that one of the stories that came out recently that he's, he went to Demi Lovato his house. You know where she overdosed and was like, this is nice, Demi of taste. This is very stable for marriage. She almost died here, but if it was like it will work for us. Selena Gomez in the weird love triangle because they are love triangle to me because I want Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to get back together like, okay, well, I hate to break up an engagement, but they're not married maybe. But if our I wouldn't wish for it at him. So Hailey, Baldwin, the James Marsden Justin Bieber is Justin Bieber drawing Gosling, Rachel mcadams. Oh, Justin Bieber is for sure. And Haley Baldwin is even Mendez right? Like she's fine like it's fine. She's going real-life see. I was going to notebook here. I gotta be honest with you. Let's see. Okay. Justin bieber's hair is throwing me off in a very distinct way and I don't know how to classify it because wires everyone. Okay. With it, he's going full on like shell, Panama City hundred ninety seven. Yeah, see, I was going to go like. Gator Wrangler from the Gulf shores of Florida because I don't get too, don't get too close choppy handoff. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. He's beating. Well, Selena, and all of this during all of this hullabaloo, unfortunately, like wintom hospital now, remember she has had she had a kidney transplant, I think last year, right? Which I love that story to you by the way she was living with one of her close friends, also an actress, and she came home one day and it was like opening a bottle of water and kitten, and Selena like threw it on the ground. I was so frustrated. I was like what's wrong and she's like, I'm so sick and I need a transplant. Kidney doesn't work. Can't you see like the list is seven to ten years log and I can't get. She's like, I'll get tested. And then then she opened another box and there was a kidney but she could have. And that's. Cookie crunch here you go now anyway. So sleeve back to the hospital because apparently she had some issues with her allegedly with her white blood cell count. And then she went to the hospital. I.

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