Mets' David Wright will be activated and start one more game in the teams' final homestand


The captain of the New York Mets will play in another game. David Wright will come off the disabled list during the team's final home standard the season and he will play in a game his first game in over two years. This is met CEO. Jeff wilpon, I've had many conversations with David. And he's told me he wants to end this year on our active roster based on his career accomplishments for this franchise and how hard he's worked over the past two years. David is earned the opportunity to return to the league chill and the date. He will step on that major league field and we'll play Saturday nights September twenty-ninth today. Thank the Mets organization. He thanked the Mets fans and then he said being able to play in front of his two young daughters is a driving force. I really really I'm gonna love that game. Because you know, they get a chance to see me play in the big leagues for the first time. And that's a. That's no for me. That's means means a lot beyond this season right said he's been advised by medical professionals that it will not be physically possible to continue playing baseball.

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