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Hill. I wasn't even going to ask. Got a vehicle reported on fire too. Seventy south near Tuttle crossing in an already very busy construction zone. Careful south of thirty three. You can get an eye on. We're gonna bring you update here and a couple of minutes. New injury accident Cleveland avenue, south of Morse couple of others still working accident scene with injuries Twenty-three, south and home road. Excuse me. An orange wrote up at Delaware County. A Fender bender three fifteen in home runs. Delaware counties. Got a couple of issues, but a watch warhead another accident seventy one north of thirty six earlier freeway delays are starting to thin out. Although seventy-one is still heavy both directions out of town. So is seventy east from Bexley out, debris. If you come out come across any of the traffic problems when you can do so safely called the three C BodyShop traffic tip line six one four eight to one eleven eleven download the pink button collision repair app. Traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tens powered by TempStar in customer next update. Five fifty. I'm Johnny hill..

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