Apple unveils new more expensive MacBook Air and iPad Pro


Nice. The big ipad, the twelve point nine inch which really was the kocides of a pizza box. It was. Exaggerating. But it was so big I felt uncomfortable carrying it around. That that's interesting. They didn't increase the screen size on that one. They shrunk the overall package. So now, they say it's about the size of eight and a half by eleven piece of paper that actually. I don't know off to see so almost the same size screen as a MAC book. Garrett's almost a thirteen inch screen. So I think what's going on here is it apple is slowly telegraphing the fact that the MAC is on its way out and the ipad is on its way in they think of that as the future of computing. In fact, they even said that in fact benchmarks have seemed to have confirmed that it's faster. The twelve x bionic chip in. It is is is is is as fast as it's MAC book. Pro chip in many cases note, by the way, very importantly, the macbook pro chip is an Intel chip the twelve x bionic is an apple chip apple designed, and then they outsource it to semiconductor manufacturer and Taiwan. TSMC? That's interesting to me. It means to me Apple's getting so good at chip design that they will soon, and this has been the long been the rumor abandoned Intel. Although I just heard that they're probably gonna use Intel motives in the and their I and they go to five G at twenty twenty. But I think they're playing is. Let's get off the Intel training tells moving too slow for us. They point out. This is the first time anybody's made a chip with this new seven nanometer processor Intel's can't even tell stuck at fourteen nanometers like lightbulbs, the better the better processes have lower numbers. Unlike light bulbs. Yeah. The smaller the chip. The better seven billions of a meter is what that means is lower power, but also more efficient and faster. So they've got it really impressive chip in there. And I honestly think that this is Apple's intent is that we will stop buying those max, we don't make enough money on those max apple says get rid of the max by these nice, shiny, ipads, and iphones. Those are nice. Those are shiny makes money on those. So honestly, I feel like that's that's just it's just a little bit more confirmation that that's where we're headed. And honestly, I, you know, I, of course, for review purposes, I bought all of them. It was very expensive Tuesday. But I do it for you understand. I got the big one the little one the medium one the small one the toll one, I got them all and and we'll have reviews. In fact, they're coming soon you can order them now and go to the store and get them on Wednesday. And so by next week. I'll have at least a first look because that's four new devices. Amac minium macbook air and a big I Pat and a little I've had that I've got a review, but I will have those all for you that will be able to talk a little bit about eight hundred eighty eight ask Leo is the phone number. You can ask me about the new apple stuff. You could ask me about the old apple stuff? You can ask me about anything. Eight eight eight eight two seven five five three six that's toll-free from anywhere in the US

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