How Lewis Hamilton won and Sebastian Vettel lost the 2018 world championship


ESPN Lewis Hamilton securing his fifth world championship today in Sunday's Mexican grand prix max Verstappen took the race victory. Hamilton finished in fourth place. But with title rivals Sebastian failing to secure the victory. He is crowned the. A champion only one mine juan-manuel found GIO and Michael Schumacher. Have won five championships are more in Formula one. So Lewis Hamilton. Leila Lewis Hamilton joined the join the club today. We also got to say congratulations to our man JR Todd at a large Burgh, Indiana. He is winner of the funny car title tonight at the at the strip in Las Vegas Motor Speedway the NHRA events out there. Mr. Todd will it gets his fifth win of the year sixteen th career win seventh career and funny car, and he will roll with a seventy four point lead in the next weekend's finals

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