2018 NFL Week 10 takeaways - What we learned and what it means for next week

No Huddle


Good question. I think that when you couple the Rams defense maybe having the slight edge over the Sikhs defense. Then I'd probably say the most well rounded team Watson spoke offenses are highly explosive. It would go to the Rams now I will say they have probably more explosive quarterback play or at least more versatility that aspect with Patrick Mahomes, which is playing well above yon whose years basically jerk off is on pace to have a tremendous season. But he's not the catalyst of offense. Like, I would say Patrick Mahomes. Yeah. Towards the end of the game the other. They thought the Fowler strip sack was just Houston. And you see that that fearsome front of the Rams maybe when they get to lead back. This defense can kinda round in shape, but you're correct right now. And so the same thing with with the Kansas City Chiefs, they're missing Eric berry. Once these two pivotal players in the secondary get back which team do you? Kinda give the edge going down the stretch. Yeah. You still have a passer us that's been system and from all different angles. Not only talent wise going to apply pressure. But they can Dow things up they can make it difficult on offense as well. I think when you're talking about the best back in the lead entirely who's who's definitely worth the price of admission. I mean, there's emigrate there that you just can't really afford to lose two. You don't want to get the ball back Jared Goff from that all the things you probably won't see. Taking your round the league with Brad Hopkins, the former oiler and titan offensive lineman. So let's focus on your old franchise, Tennessee, look, very good. And just about every phase of the game. Mike Gabel matching which with his old head coach, Bill Belichick. Titans. Beat the patriots today to go to five and four. We know that Mike mularkey change, the culture in Tennessee. It's a team that won a playoff game a year ago. But what dimension you think? Mike variables brought this club this year. I think that he's just basically created a structure here that was necessary to kind of cool wral the talented that has on this is a very young team therefore being very developmental and my Brady bowl and the system that he's trying to implement. I mean, are are just exactly what the doctor would've ordered in this situation. If you listen to even the respect he has for even going against his I would say mentor even more coach to him than than a staff member. Here's respect for the game. And he's actually teaching his players is. I mean, it's been and just think of how how top to bottom committed your players are wouldn't have that type of understanding what you're trying to accomplish. And also understanding that this guy comes from a tree of of success, you know, and and listen to the number of players that you know, that have had that experience of being in New England and experience in their culture. They all said the. Same thing. You know, it was like maybe mode. Ryan even said about you know, playing full sixty minutes against team because this team is just waiting for you to do something to give them advantage.

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