DAX, Infineon, SAP down after billion dollar deal


Full percent at eleven thousand four hundred fifteen weighed on by big drops in SAP down more than four percent and Infineon Dan more than four percent as well after well SAP's, the big eight billion dollar deal today and Infineon had disappointing earnings. The caq is also off right now only about three tenths of one percent and the Footsie's up three tenths of one percent as the pound has turned down. Now, there is FX and equity trading in the US today. There is not bond trading because of Veterans Day, but the dollar is up against the end almost one fourteen even after giving up a little bit ground earlier in the session. The euro is down sixteen months, low one twelve fifty nine is where. The euro currently trades and the pound down at one twenty eight fifty two got to take a look at oil here because the Saudis have said or their oil minister Lisa said, he thinks that they need to cut about a million barrels a day from production compared to the Tober levels. Brent crude as a result rising. One point four percent has been up more up ninety nine cents a barrel. The seventy one seventeen NYMEX WTI rising for the first time in ten sessions gaining fifty three cents to sixty dollars and seventy one cents a barrel. It's a Bloomberg radio business flash. Now, let's get back over to Markus Karlsson with more on what's going on around the world, Marcus. Thanks very much. Indeed, the most

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