California, Edens and David Hockey discussed on KNX Evening News with Diane Thompson


Edens people opposing the legalization of recreational marijuana use in California warned about this. The likelihood of more stone drivers on the road. And what it would mean for more car crashes. Well, sure enough new research that looked at four states with legalized pot. Use founder six percent overall increase in highway crashes and that continue to trend that actually started about a year ago here in California. It's still too soon after plot was legalized to draw conclusions about the impact on our roads. Plus DUI stats here are not broken down to substance. So a police report does not directly differentiate between alcohol or pot use. But should California drivers be concerned? David hockey at the insurance institute for highway safety produced the new research on crash rates in states with legalized pot. That question to you, sir, should California drivers be concerned. They should be concerned. Thank you for having me on this afternoon. From the studies that we just released. We're definitely seeing a higher crash risk associated with states that have now pass laws allowing the

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