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Trump to be held without bail. While he awaits trial Caesar Sayaka, Florida resident who frequently praised President Trump while threatening his opponents on social media is accused of sending bombs to the Obamas. The Clinton's former vice president Joe Biden next CIA director John Brennan, congress members, Maxine Waters, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, liberal activists, Tom Steiner, and George Soros, actor Robert deniro and CNN's main office building in Manhattan at the supreme court. Newly seeded Justice Brett Kavanagh appeared receptive Tuesday to the arguments of a condemn Missouri prisoner who says he's likely to experience extreme. Pain if he subjected to a lethal injection Russell buck Lou was scheduled to be executed last March before the high court agreed to hear his appeal. His attorneys argued at the supreme court, Tuesday, Buckley's rare medical condition could prevent a lethal injection drug from circulating properly through his veins likely leading to a death so agonizing it would violate the constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment. The supreme court split four two four earlier this year on whether to allow the execution to proceed meaning Justice Cavanaugh will likely cast the deciding vote in the case, and in Wisconsin, where Republican governor Scott Walker was defeated on Tuesday in his bid for a third term an office. The high tech manufacturer Foxconn says seeking to bring in workers from China to help run the factory under construction near the city of Racine. Governor Walker back to plan with the support of house speaker Paul Ryan and President Trump to. Died three billion dollars in tax credits to Foxconn claiming the taxpayer money would provide thousands of new jobs while renovating Wisconsin's economy, but Foxconn has scaled back its plans now saying it'll hire just three thousand workers in the short term, most of them and engineering positions rather than the thirteen thousand Matthew facturing jobs governor Walker had promised and the size of the tax payer subsidy has steadily increased to four point one billion dollars during two terms office. Governor Scott Walker which known for aggressively busting unions, and for his close ties to right wing dark money groups, and those are some of the headlines, this is democracy. Now democracy now dot org. The warrant piece report, I'm Amy Goodman, Juan Gonzalez, welcome to all of our viewers and listeners across the country and around the world. Democrats have seized control of the house of representatives flipping more than two dozen seats. This gives Democrats subpoena power for the first time since President Trump was elected two years ago, while the Democrats will control the House Republicans picked up two more seats in the Senate on the state level. Democrats picked up seven governorships huge turnout numbers were reported across the country. President Trump responded to the election results by tweeting, quote, if the Democrats think they're going to waste taxpayer money investigating us at the house level. Then we will likewise be forced to consider investigating them for all of the leaks of classified information and much else at the Senate level to complete that game. The terms were a groundbreaking election for women for the first time in US history. At least one hundred women will serve in the US house of representatives, including the first two native American women and the first two Muslim women later in the program. We'll hear from. Democratic socialist Alexandra Cossio Cortes who became the youngest woman ever elected to congress. But we begin today's show with two guests here in New York, Katrina, vanden Heuvel, editor and publisher of the nation. America's oldest weekly magazine. She's also a columnist for the Washington Post dot com, and we're joined by Rashad Robinson, executive director of color of change. We welcome you both to democracy. Now, let's begin with Katrina vanden who've oh your thoughts on what has taken place the house now in the hands of Democrats Republicans have expanded control of the Senate. I think taking back the house is critical is a check on President Trump. But also, I think it's important people know that a majority of the committees and subcommittees will be controlled by progressives. The progressive caucus will have about ninety members some of the women you mentioned will join and it will have thirteen committees. And I think thirty subcommittees that's important. And I think the ability to not only hold the president in the. Administration accountable on corruption on self interest on self-dealing, but the ability to lay out bold initiatives, bold, legislation may not pass with a Senate as we've seen it. But it's critical. I think that the progressive Democrats lay out in this war of ideas, that progressives have been winning to a certain extent fifteen minimum wage jobs program infrastructure, free higher. Ed. The governor's race is one spoke of critical critical both as a blue wall against the redistricting scams that we've seen from the Republicans critical also to rest back the rust belt from Trump who really did. Well, and key parts, Wisconsin. How sweet it is Scott Walker going down. I mean, my colleague John Nichols has written so much copy about this man who busted public workers assault on education has demeaned and degraded the Wisconsin idea, so I think that's critical amendment for renewed Robinson. And I were. Talking about it. One thing we've seen in this election. Amien won the barriers to democratic participation the will funded targeting voting suppression. So men men for restoring rights to ex-felons to vote one point four million Floridians will be able to vote I think is a vital step on the road to a true democracy. Statehouses? We haven't seen the numbers yet. But those will be hopeful as well flipping. I think Minnesota and a few others. So I think it was you know, it was a bittersweet night because we've seen the incendiary toxic. Nationalism xenophobia, any immigrant actions talk of this president and his enabler in the Republican party. You know, they they secured some wins. However, those who say was kinda split, let's all recall that the Senate map is the most horrific for Democrats. I mean, it's just, you know, the one third up we're really states in which the Republicans and Trump of played well, you mentioned the rust belt, and it to know that there were three states that really delivered for Trump, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania and of the and they're those three in those three states. The statewide all Ron's either for governor or for Senate for the US Senate of the Democrats won six out of seven. So you've seen a situation now where those key states now are really not as reliable Republican as they appear to be in two thousand. One. I mean, many of those voters went for Obama in two thousand and eight and two thousand and twelve so it was that flip in two thousand sixteen that has to be looked at. And I think last night was in good insight into what is possible in twenty twenty in effect. We can talk about a twenty twenty began last night, but that's a different discussion. But I think you see it with taking back those those state houses there were some good minimum wage initiatives in states very troubling that good initiative in Washington state, the kind of carbon tax the green new deal went down. You still see the power of corporate money in our system and at the state level. There were six states that moved into total democratic contrived and the one of the New York state where the New York state Senate, which was had been very evenly divided. The Republicans control now is overwhelmingly democratic twenty three. I think is now the number in the New York state Senate win that means in terms of what can be accomplished. By progressives. Progressives won a supermajority in the Vermont house neutralizing, the newly reelected governor fill Scott's veto threat knows this. I mean, it's critical on so many levels. But historically, as you will know we've lost over a thousand state legislative seats in the last few years. So this is coming back and saying Democrats progressives are going to play at all levels, New York state. You studied you've written one? It's a major win us. See what governor Cuomo does with it because he's hid behind the inability to do much with the independent democratic conference now defeated one last race, which I think is very important one. And I were talking about is Antonio Delgado in the nineteenth congressional district that race was supercharged with toxic racist rhetoric. John Foucault has held out against good people except for teach out, but he's gone. So I think you know, it's a bittersweet, but I think real gains were made. And I think it would be wrong to. Downplay those one of the nation's most closely watched races of the year remains too close to call Georgia secretary of state Brian Kemp, holding a slim lead over democratic challenger Stacey Abrams who is vying to be the first African American woman governor in US history, but Abrams is refusing to concede because thousands of absentee ballots have not yet been counted campus currently at fifty point five percent if he dips below fifty the race goes to a runoff. The Georgia race was marred by widespread allegations of voter suppression carried out by Brian camp. Again, who is as Georgia secretary of state is in control of the elections, despite the fact many demanded that he recused himself. Meanwhile, in Florida Democrat Andrew gillum conceded to Republican Ron to Santa's after a tight race Gillam attempting to become Florida's first African American government, but faced a string of racist attacks from outside groups into Santa's who told Floridians knocked. Monkey this up and in Maryland, Republican governor Larry HOGAN was re elected defeating democrat, Ben jealous. The former head of the N double ACP or shod Robinson. You're the executive director of color of change. Yeah. I think I think these. You know, what happened last night with particularly with Andrew in Stacy's race. I think represents the way that the south is changing.

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